Reasons why drivers choose Ford over its competition

For a long time, GM was Ford’s greatest competitor. 

Ford is famous in the automotive industry for manufacturing high-quality vehicles. But its competitor GM may beat it in some areas. In fact, the duel between the two brands is going on for years and shows no signs to letting up. They have been fighting over the same market share in the mobility sector for what seems like forever, each seeming a step closer to winning the competition, every year. Ford and GM have created vehicles that compete directly in most automotive sectors, from family vehicles to subcompacts and hybrids. 

When did the rivalry between the brands start? A question every vehicle passionate asked at least once because their clash is more intense than any competition between other two automakers. Supposedly, it all started on 10th of October 1901, when Henry Ford won at Grosse Pointe against Alexander Winston. Statements of the time reveal that Ford won, not because he was a better driver or had a better vehicle, but because Chevy had problems. But once he won, he knew he needed to preserve its title on the market and to establish a reputation for his cars. After the race, most investors signed on with Ford and it didn’t take long for the brand to take off the ground. 

Many vehicle owners show their love for one of the brands by buying only from that automaker, or keeping the same vehicle for long times to show how reliable and durable it is. Some auto enthusiasts even drive old classics to show the brand’s heritage. 

At present, two models (Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado) are in direct competition for the title of the best pickup truck. They fight annually for getting buyers to expose them on their driveways. 

Here are some of the reasons most people prefer Ford over GM and other brands. 

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Ford has more truck engine choices

Since its launch, F-150 has been the bestselling truck in the USA, and the reason for that is simple, Ford manufactures high-quality trucks. But what also helped it maintain its top position is the number of engine choices drivers can select from. Most drivers prefer two engine choices (the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and the 5.0L V8), but they aren’t the only ones available on the market because the auto audience has diversified requirements. 

Ford offers a complete range of engine choices for its trucks, so for the F-150 model drivers can even get a naturally aspirated V6, a turbo-diesel 3.0L V6, and 3.5L EcoBoost engine. 

Ford has better safety ratings

Specialists describe the 2017 Ford F-150 as one of the best vehicles for advanced technology in a full-size pickup truck. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has offered it the highest mark, and named it the Top Safety Pick in the sector because it includes avoidance and collision warning systems. 

Its direct competitor, Chevrolet Silverado also had a good rating (5-star), but a lower overall rating because it registered more extensive damage in the front-impact crash test. For latest models it’s safe to assume they’ll have similar ratings as the prior years. If you want to purchase a Ford F-150, use the query Ford dealership near me to identify where the closest Ford store is located.           

Ford produces some of the most efficient cars in the USA

Ford has introduced a new engine technology called EcoBoost that allows it to manufacture fuel-efficient vehicles without sacrificing the car’s power. The automaker has created a turbocharged direct-injection engine for the EcoBoost technology to improve its vehicles’ efficiency. Ford Fusion with the EcoBoost engine gets 21mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway. The engine facilitates a quick acceleration so speed lovers won’t even feel the change in the engine. 

Ford sells more trucks

Statistics show that Ford sells more pickup trucks than its competitor, and only in 2017, it sold over 800,000 F-Series vehicles. GM sold less than 700,000 vehicles for the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado models combined. We cannot even say that GM has performed at selling trucks with numbers like these. But Ford and GM sell many other car models, and both brands are described as some of the bestselling automakers in the USA and not only. Their crossovers are also very popular in America even if they don’t sell as good as the pickup trucks. People living on the coasts or near the central or Midwest areas prefer other models instead of pickup trucks. 

Ford cars perform better in harsh weather conditions

Ford has built vehicles for all weather conditions because it targets the worldwide market. Its latest vehicles include the Intelligent all-wheel-drive system that allows the driver to make corrections in their driving style and respond to the road conditions effectively. The F-150, Edge, Expedition, Explorer, Super Duty, Escape, Taurus, Fusion Rs, and Fusion models include it. 

All these Ford vehicles are designed to keep the driver out of trouble no matter what the weather conditions are (bad pavement or slippery conditions). The Intelligent all-wheel-drive system performs better than the rear-wheel or front-wheel systems because the engine sends power to all wheels instead to only two. This system also has a downfall, it boosts the gas mileage, but it’s worth to get a car that keeps you safe on the road when living in an area with harsh weather conditions. 

Ford is a more affordable brand

For drivers who don’t need a pickup truck or car to face harsh winters, Ford provides a line of fun cars to drive. Focus ST and Fiesta ST are some of the most affordable models Ford has brought on the auto market, and both come with turbocharged I4 engines. You can find the Fiesta ST model at less than $21,000 and the Focus ST at $25,000. GM doesn’t’ have any car to compete with these models in terms of performance or price. In fact, it’s challenging to find a practical and reliable vehicle at an affordable price at any other automaker. 

Alongside the ones listed above, the reasons why drivers choose Ford over its competitors are many. 

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