Pulling off how to dress like a chic Parisian

Parisian women are known for their beauty, attitude, and, of course, style. What makes them so stylish? It is impossible to say. The only words that come to mind are “effortless”, “glamour”, and “classic”. It seems that Parisian women have a league of their own and the rest of the world rotates around them. If you want to become more stylish, then you should copy their style. Right now, you do not possess the key to the aesthetic. Do not worry. This article contains everything that you need to know. Nailing the Parisian girl style is not that difficult. Keep on reading to get the know-how techniques and tips.

Keep the magic alive in a printed mini dress

One French woman that has captivated our attention is Jeanne Damas. What strikes the eye besides the chic Parisian style? The fact that she looks a lot like Jane Birkin, her fashion inspiration. More often than not, the young fashion model is compared to the renowned English actress. If you go to her Instagram, you will see Jeanne Damas wearing printed mini dresses on more than one occasions. If you want to look more fashionable on the spot, then go and buy a printed mini dress. It will not cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, it is one of the staple items that you should have in your closet. It does not matter that you are the type of person that does not like to dress up. You will look good in a mini dress. Buy classic pieces, like this one, and do not care about the trends.

Never wear a push-up bra

It is highly unlikely to see a French woman wearing a push-up bra. The reason for this is that it is not essential to their lingerie wardrobe. Women in Paris do not need garments to boost their inner confidence. Instead of fighting their bodies, they embrace them. Since you are going to live here and there, you should be happy with what you have got. So, do not worry if you have small breasts. They are sexy too. Have you ever taken a close look at Jane Birkin? She did not have a big rack and men were absolutely crazy about her. Thanks to women like Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, people think that small breasts are okay. For that reason, do not torture yourself with a push-up bra. If you must wear a bra, then wear a bralette.

Wear the oversized trench

Parisian women have been wearing the trench coat forever. They view the fashions online and choose a superb coat that can be worn over jeans or with a little black dress. An oversized trench is intimidating, there is no doubt about that. However, it is a staple piece to have in the closet and you will not regret the decision of buying one. It is a good idea to step away from the classic version and own a proper garment. If you want to play it safe, mix the trench coat with something fitted. You can wear high heels, as this will give you some height. No matter how tempting the short version is, you should stay away from it. It is not worth it. Dare to wear an oversized trench. It goes beyond the traditional and will make you look great. The piece of clothing may be fairly casual, but you will feel sophisticated and dressy, all at the same time.

Put on dark tights

You do not have to go to France to understand that French women, Parisians, in particular, do not dress like the rest of the world. They live in a world of their own and could not be happier. French women get to run the show and it is understandable that they enjoy it. The thing is that nobody teaches them how to dress chic. Women in France have an instinct for dressing fashionably. If this is not the case for you, at least make sure to not make the same mistakes as others. Wearing nude tights is one faux-pas you should avoid making. Just so you know, Parisian women would never ever wear nude tights. For them, it is the worst thing in fashion. Wear black tights instead. In addition to the fact that they look great with everything, black tights make you look slimmer. Most importantly, nobody will notice them.  

Add some “attitude”

Je ne sais quoi is more about attitude than it is about style. It represents an interesting blend of lack of interest, arrogance, and indifference towards the small stuff. As you may have seen, Parisian women have the ability to create an outfit from nothing and it does not even look like they made an effort. Naturally, the je ne sais quoi is present in the wardrobe. Keep in mind that it is not the clothes that you wear that make you stand out. It is your attitude. If you do not have the right attitude, it is all for nothing. The garments will wear you and not the other way round. You will want to ensure that your personality is dominating and it is impossible to ignore your presence. Try to find your je ne sais quoi.

Throw away the blow-dryer

If you have thicker, fuller hair, you most certainly use the blow-dryer whenever you get out of the shower. And you wonder why your hair is so damaged? Damaged hair is not a la mode and it will never be. Using the blow-dryer is not the healthiest way to dry your hair. It is a good idea to let your precious locks dry naturally. You do not need the heat, trust us on that one. Think about washing your hair before going to bed. This way, the entire home will not be wet and you can sleep on the damp hair. When you wake up in the morning, you will have supermodel locks. If you do not believe us, try it for yourself.

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