Protecting Your Family and Home from Pests

Most of us enjoy the summer, the warm temperatures, the sun, and the numerous possibilities for outdoor fun and adventure. In fact, summer is the best season to spend time with family outdoors. However, like all things, there are also disadvantages to this season, some of the most common having to do with pests and bugs. The mosquito is one of the most feared pests during summer because their bites are not only annoying and persistent, but they can carry diseases as well. Luckily, technology has advanced some, and we can both protect ourselves and prevent difficult situations. In what follows we are going to look at a few effective methods to avoid pests “bugging” you.

First of all, the kind of protection or treatment you seek have to be according to the difficulty of your situation; if you live in warm, humid areas, especially next to sources of water like lakes, swamps or rivers, chances are you’ll be fighting off a lot more mosquitoes or ticks than the majority of people. Moreover, you might also be dealing with bigger, meaner versions of bugs, such as mosquitoes with bites so poisonous that the swelling on the skin becomes very big and itches uncontrollably, or even hurts or stings. In that respect, people living in Florida, Brazil, or Australia, have to take on real battles with these pests. Even the ticks can be bigger and greedier in these areas, especially if there are lots of animals around.

For a normal family, living in a normal area with a temperate climate, mosquitoes are probably a problem only during a few months of the year when summer is at its peak. In these circumstances, the protection can be moderate, and you can just use creams when you know you’ll be spending time outside, or sprays that protect the skin and act as a repellent for the bugs. For the house, there are devices you can burn, or that you can plug in, and which release substances that are toxic or repellent for bugs, or newer versions, which emit signals that only bugs can detect and which also makes them avoid the house.

However, in harder situations, where you also want to protect your house and garden, you have to look at the latest technologies and find a more permanent solution. For example, you can install a mosquito misting system, which creates a barrier of spray between you and the bugs. Companies like Mosquito Squad can come to your home, do an assessment or evaluation, and determine the range of protection you need, what areas of your home and garden are most utilized by you, or most affected by the pests. Then, they will install the appropriate misting system and explain all you need to know about it, such as the fact that  doesn’t just protect you from mosquitoes, but from ticks and other relatively common pests as well. This is a great idea which will make you forget all about your pest problems so that you can spend time with family outdoors and make some wonderful memories.

Finally, there is the rare situation when the mosquito bites are so bad and many that you can’t stand them; if you have sensitive skin and often get allergies and rashes, a mosquito bite can be twice as painful than for normal people. The best solution here is to move home, and find a place with a climate that is more friendly to you, and where health is not a constant concern.

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