Promotional launch marketing ideas that will definitely work

In case you are thinking about innovative methods to launch a product or simply promote your new business, then you are in the right place. Many businesses tend to imitate other companies’ marketing strategies, but this is a mistake given the fact that you should be unique. Individuality is what makes clients want to try your products and services and there is no better way to do that than involving yourself into the creation of promotional launches.


When you are new in a certain niche, promotion and marketing strategies are paramount for obtaining the greatest results. However, choosing the right methods to do this isn’t quite easy. You will need advice from people who did this before or from companies who know what they are doing and have serious study cases with effective results. The manner in which you will decide to create a launch promo will affect every tiny detail about your business: from sales and customers to your brand image and investors. Of course, you can gather inspiration from the most unexpected places around you. Given the fact that you might be here reading this looking for guidance in the right direction, here is a list with the best promotional marketing ideas:



Video promotion – teaser campaigns

Have you ever thought about hiring a video production company to take care of your teaser campaigns? When you are close to opening a new business or launching a brand new product, then advertising via a video might be the best possible option. There are a lot of companies that offer a launch promo at an affordable price. If you hired an image director in the past and you know what kind of idea you would like to transmit to your target public, then you are ready to go. Just see what the specialists have to say regarding the video you want to produce and let them do their work. A great way to build your launch promo would be including what each member of your team has to say. This is an appropriate manner to let your clients know what your intentions and goals are. Plus, video promotion is one of the fastest ways to gain notoriety.


Social media is a big part of marketing strategies and promotional launches. This is why many business owners are relying on contests which end up with a giveaway in order to attract clients. Usually, these types of contests or giveaways have specific requirements like sharing or liking the page of the company, commenting or tagging a friend. Depending on your own purposes, a giveaway should be organized considering certain rules. For instance, if your goal is to increase your database of emails or boost the brand awareness you can start a giveaway on Facebook in five simple steps: choosing and financing the prize you will need to award, decide on the requirements for participants, create a contest page or an event that you will publicly promote, set up a period of time the participants should respect and finally, follow-up after the giveaway period ends.  


You may have heard about the existence of crowdfunding campaigns. If you happen to be in the situation where you want to launch a new product but you have no idea how clients will react, then crowdfunding is the answer for you. Such campaign means validating an idea among the community by receiving confirmations that clients want to buy in advance what you thinking about producing. Therefore, it is advisable to start a crowdfunding campaign for something that is truly innovative, a product that required your time and attention to develop. Throughout this development period, you should have already created a group of people who sustain you and are interested in what you want to sell. In crowdfunding it is highly important not to forget the ‘crowd’ part by focusing completely on ‘funding’. Having a bunch of people, potential clients, that support you along the way are a great deal that could make a great change later on. Crowdfunding is an amazing promotional launch strategy that will surely get people engaged.



Being in the same category of suspense as crowdfunding is, pre-ordering is a great technique to attract clients. Making a pre-ordering option for your soon-to-be launched product and services will make clients curious about what you have to offer. The main difference between pre-ordering and crowdfunding is that gaining donations from clients is no longer involved. Instead, they will show interest in your future products and you will be able to anticipate how much you will have to produce in order to honour all the requests. This helps especially when you are not completely sure how the target market will react to what you want to release. Plus, you have absolutely nothing to lose if you launch the pre-ordering campaign sooner than the product itself.


When referring to international businesses, public speaking became a commercial instrument, a tool for boosting sales, both face-to-face and online. Having influencers speaking on behalf of your business will have a great impact upon the sales and clients of your company. How is that possible? It’s simple. Public speakers are trained especially for convincing people that certain things are beneficial for them. Their persuasion is a skill that can help you achieve what you want in the long run. By simply organizing coaching events, every participant will be able to clarify the picture of his or her own motivation. Achieving performance, goals, a better career and so on are just a few subjects that should be discussed in such event. But how can it help your business grow? It is quite easy – promoting your services and products as a manner to gain what people desire. Influencers are specialists in doing that, so you will be amazed how effective this kind of promotional marketing strategy will have. In addition, to support a culture of qualitative coaching, one should realize that human resources specialists need a proper understanding of a new, unique approach.