Nowadays, the teenage period seems to have a slightly more importance than before. Regardless of genre, all of the teenagers want to look good, in order to feel good. As the self-esteem appears to be fulfilled by the condition mentioned above, the years of high school comes with a different perspective now, than they did years before. In this case, as the high school years go on, the expectations grow, so at the end of the college period comes the prom night. But how easily can this event get the outcome expected? Well, it may seem unreachable, but the tips below will help you get the result you have always wished for:

Of course, those steps and conditions are made only for girls, as they can wear makeup anytime and any day. Furthermore girls can completely change their look if they choose to change their hair color. However one should be very careful when flirting with different prom hair color ideas. After all this particular night needs to be perfect so there should be no rooms for mistakes. Besides of getting the perfect dress for the magic night, another aspect of your appearance is ought to be the prom makeup. How can you get a beautiful look that won’t be so easily forgot from your colleagues’ minds? We know you all wish to look like the Hollywood actresses, and this article is about to teach you how.

First thing you need to know before doing any prom makeup rehearsal is the basis. You have to decide either you wish to highlight your eyes or lips – never both of them! This is a mistake very common, and we assure you the result won’t be the one expected. In case you have Angelina Jolie’s lips, then a hot red lipstick perfectly applied will cover 70% of your prom makeup. The rest will be formed by a thin black line of eyeliner and a touch of mascara. And voila! Your prom makeup is ready and so are you to go! Emulating the celebrity fashion style is always a sure way to making great choices when it comes to makeup; and if you watch some tutorials and practice at home for a while, you should get the hang of it until the big day comes.

If the lips are not your best face part, there’s no need to panic. The eyes are known for being a good hiding and revealing spot of so many things, as well as a source of manipulation. In case you are looking for having an unforgettable night, then let’s see the tips for this category: first thing you should have in your mind is the color of the prom dress – from this moment you can look for makeup products that can best match your outfit. For example, if you have an ethereal blue dress, brown eyes and black hair, then a Smokey eyes makeup will finish your beautiful prom night appearance.

As far as the hair color goes we advise you to stay away from crazy hair color ideas. Try to choose a color that highlights you hair style and is not too far away from your natural tones. The prom night is not about beauty experiments. It is about highlighting your natural beauty therefore be very careful when dyeing your hair.

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