Popular on social media? Here’s how to get money out of it


If you are popular on social media, but you don’t take advantage of it, you lose potential money. Many people out there would like to become popular on social media solely because of the money they could win by simply posting content online. You somehow managed to be popular in the online environment – this is the moment when you should learn how to organize everything and transform it into an actual job or money source. Yes, for some it may seem quite unreal, but being an influencer in a society that entirely depends on technology, social media and intercommunication can be a great achievement. In case you have no idea where to start or whether it is worth a try or not, this article is going to expose the biggest benefits of being popular on social media, while teaching you how to organize your time and content to win actual money.

So, you may wonder who is able to become a social media influencer. Well, as long as you are popular and people like you and whatever you post, you are in the right position to become an influencer. You can be a simple YouTube user, a blogger, an industry expert or even a simple social media enthusiast. It doesn’t have to do with your daytime job. At first, being a social media influencer might not be enough to win as much money as you would win working as a regular eight-hours-a-day employee. In time, if you remain successful and your gain more and more popularity in the online field, you can win much more than you would in the case of a normal career. All you have to do is create content, post it online and see people get influenced positively by your actions. But how can you make money out of this? Once you post valuable content and people visit your social media accounts, you gain high engagement. The more your visitors engage, the higher the profits will be. Big brands will start noticing that you have a tremendous impact on people’s opinions and will ask for a collaboration. That’s where you get the money from.

Connect with other influencers

To understand the topic better, you should spend more time with actual influencers. If you don’t know how to handle all the activity related to your social media accounts, learning how to manage it directly from a professional could be a huge step to get things going. It’s not difficult to reach influencers. They are people just like you who got their popularity organized and managed to finally get something good out of it. When they will notice that you have plenty of success in social media, they surely won’t hesitate to give you some tips. Another good option would be attending social media events. Influencers often meet to share ideas and experiences, and you can participate too. Connecting with other influencers is the very beginning of your journey, so don’t miss the chance. Plus, it is a great opportunity to make some new friends that follow the same purposes as you do.

Stay creative and improve yourself

Being an influencer is all about expressing yourself through social media. Remaining creative and always know what to post is a must, so you’ll have to look for different ways to keep yourself inspired. Follow pages that post similar content to yours and see what you can improve. At some point, you might feel like there’s nothing you can post, but if you start thinking more about the possible topics you can choose, ideas will start coming. Inspiration comes and goes, the reason why you shouldn’t worry if you encounter a moment of blankness. Always check for methods to progress. The content you post can become better and better as long as you read more articles, infographics, and books about it. Many influencers wrote guides that could help beginners understand the online environment.

Constantly ask for feedback

Another important step would be asking for feedback. Keeping your audience engaged can be tricky at times, but the more you post, the higher chances of them interacting with you. At first, it will be complicated to keep track with what each person has to say, but you eventually have to respond to all of your followers, so that they don’t believe you’re not taking the role seriously. Being an influencer means you’ll promote many brands, products that you supposedly try before. Promoting something you don’t like or doesn’t worth it can lead to losing followers. Only promote products and services you are one hundred percent sure about. After making this promotion, pay attention to the feedback you receive. Are your followers happy with the products you promoted? Is everything alright? Is their opinion positive? It’s not all about winning money – being an influencer has to do with people and the choices they make, so be aware of your role.

Understand the terms and conditions

There are both benefits and downsides to becoming an influencer. The advantages are quite obvious – you win money, you are appreciated by people, you become the image of certain brands and so on. The downsides, however, are not that evident. Firstly, you’ll start getting contacted by many people. Your phone will be full of notifications and permanently ring. You should find out who’s number is it that calls you before answering. The main disadvantage would be that you don’t get to take breaks. You should always post quality content and avoid taking long breaks. In the same time, you need to take better care of your image. One single negative post about you and your popularity will suffer tremendously. In addition to all this, you’ll receive many critiques and you should learn how to treat them objectively. Mean people will always find a way to try and hurt you, but you need to learn how to be objective and use that critique to improve yourself and offer people what they desire.

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