Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

Swiss iOS developer Games2be brought good news for owners of iPad – Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store – and it may produce more addiction than the iPhone version. And since the great innovations that specialists put in their creations no matter if we should talk about top cars or top gadgets have always attracted all people regardless the ages and tastes there is no wonder this game would make a great pastime for many kids and adults. Launched a few days ago, this game boasts a nice design and a better quality, things that make this iPad application be remarkable, besides its name.

This iPad game has amazing HD graphics and it won’t be long until users will see that. Plopp HD features a simple and intelligible interface and that makes this iPad app wonderful. You will enjoy the circles, numbered and colored, which flow continuously on your iPad display. Also, you will like how the background changes after each level is beaten. These charming elements are what make this Plopp HD iPad App really fun. The visuals and graphics will please your eyes and you will start liking very much this nice app concept and design. And this iPad game is guaranteed to catch every mens interests, especially as men seem to enjoy more than women a game that looks like a flashy television show.

Starting with the initial concept of this application, everything seems to be splendid. The white circles, named Plopps, grow bigger as they approach to you on your iPad display. In order to get points, you have to touch a Plopp that will explode and give you the numerical value written in the Plopp. If you want to change the point value of each Plopp and receive a higher reward, Plopps can be hit by a shockwave. When touching a Plopp, it will blow and launch shockwaves that will generate chain reactions by hitting other Plopps that will explode too. More points can be earn if you wait for Plopps to become bigger, but without touching each other, otherwise you will lose points.

Plopp HD can be played in four different modes which will offer you an interminable gameplay. You will enjoy these game modes because they are brilliant designed and easy to play by anyone. Besides this, Plopp HD iPad App offers you distinct Plopps, 20 different levels with 80 quests and the possibility to choose from six languages.

Another feature that you will like at this wonderful game is its music with 3 sound-tracks that can be customized after completing bigger levels of achievement. But the best part is that you can change the music within the application and play your own songs from the iTunes library. This app is a great alternative to PC games for when you’re on the road and you need something to occupy yourself with.

Finally, Plopp HD is a clever designed application and you will like very much to play it. If you want to enjoy this iPad game now that you know that Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store, you can buy it from the app store for $1.99.

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