Planning to travel around the World? Here is how you avoid culture shock

Culture shock is something that not even the most experienced travelers can be immune to. It is the feeling that you get when you are far away from home, in a completely new place where you feel like you are overwhelmed by all the new customs, traditions, languages, plus the fact that you start to miss the commodity that you feel when you are home. Culture shock has different phases which you are going to experience and it depends to you how you choose to manage them in order to not let it affect you. At the beginning you are going to be excited about the newness that you find all the time in the places that you travel to, the culture shock will start to appear once you start to notice the differences between your culture and the new one that you are dealing with, until the moment when you feel like  you are in between the choice whether you like the new experiences or you cannot adapt to them.

Being confused about the new behaviors that you meet during your travel, the languages that you do not understand, customs and the whole new cultural and social environment is hard to deal with if you do not prepare yourself early before your departure to the big trip.

Do a lot of research

When you are traveling around the World, you are going to get in touch many new cultures, languages, and customs which can cause you to experience a culture shock that might ruin your enthusiasm for traveling and you will feel like you want to take the first flight back home. However, if you do your research before you leave for your trip, you are going to get used with the things that might seem too hard to understand and you are going to be prepared to embrace all the new experiences more easily. Apart from the fact that you need to research all the small details about the cultures, religion, and unwritten rules of the society which you are going to visit, you also have to make sure you get in touch with the legal regulations of the countries you are going to travel to because each country has its own rules that need to be respected. Even if some things might sound absurd and comparing to the country you visit they are legal in your country, you still have to make sure that you respect them so that you do not have any problem with the local police.

Broaden your horizons

The fact that you are going to travel around the world requires you to be prepared for any type of situation that you might encounter. Having a large amount of knowledge can help you considerably in all the new situations which you are going to have to deal with. Whether it is learning new languages, chemistry, photography, budgeting or culinary skills, you have numerous online learning solutions which you can use to develop new skills and gain knowledge which will prove to be incredibly useful to survive any challenge in your trip which can turn into a bad experience if you do not know how to react to it and solve it. Also, you will be able to share your skills and knowledge with the people that you meet during your adventure around the World which can help you find traveling friends with whom you can have amazing and fun experiences and forget about the culture shock.

Find local friends

One of the best ways to deal with culture shock more easily is to have a friend to help you during the process of understanding all the new thing that you are experiencing. Having a local friend who can explain to you all the customs or traditions that you do not understand can be incredibly helpful for your own personal development. When you are alone and dealing with the new experiences, you just accept them as they are, but when there is someone next to you to tell you the background stories that led to the formation of the whole cultural and social environment that you are just learning it can help you gain a lot of valuable knowledge.

Stay open-minded

Whether you experience the culture shock or not is mostly up to you. You cannot avoid the bad experiences which can make you feel like you want to go back home, but staying open-minded about the all the new things that you are going to experience is definitely a matter of attitude. You need to be aware right from the beginning of the fact that it is impossible to find the same culture, language, and traditions that you leave behind when you leave from home.

Don’t compare

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when traveling, which will surely lead to culture shock, is to start comparing the things that you find in your new destination with what you can find back in your country. There is no need for you to compare a society or a culture that has a completely different history than yours. You just have to accept the newness, embrace it as it is, and respect it without judging the things that you do not understand.

Bring familiar items with you

When you are going to be away from home for a lot of time you are going to start to miss all the familiar things that you left back home. In order to deal easier with this feeling and avoid getting a culture shock because of it, you should consider taking familiar items with you on your trip. Photos with your loved ones or favorite locations from back home, a specific item which you consider to be your lucky charm or your favorite clothing item which reminds you of the coziness of your home.

After traveling for a long time, you have to know that you are also predisposed to experience culture shock at your return back home. Before departure from your last traveling destination to go back home, make sure you get in touch with your loved ones to accommodate more easily once you return home.

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