Planning a baby shower

You should know that planning a baby shower is not a hard thing to do, you do not have to be an experienced event organizer to create a memorable party. If you plan ahead you can create a baby shower that all your friends and relatives will remember for years to come. Take into consideration the mother to be´s taste and you will have to problems.


Here is what you have to do when you are planning a baby shower:

  • The first thing when planning a baby shower is picking the date of the party. Usually people choose to organize the baby shower a couple of months before the birth of the baby. You should start planning ahead so that you can be sure that everything will be done in time.
  • Ask the future mother to make the guest list as soon as possible so that you can choose and send the invitation in time. The number of the guest is also very important to know because it will help you choose the venue for the baby shower.
  • The next step is to choose the theme of the party. Ask the mother to be to help you choose the theme because you want something that represents her and not your personal taste.
  • Choose the invitations based on the theme of the party you picked.
  • The next step is deciding what food to serve. The food should be light and easy to eat. Finger food is the best food that you can use for this kind of party.
  • Choose the decorations you want for your party. Go for something simple like balloons and some flowers.
  • Go to a bakery and choose the cake you want to serve. You can even choose one with a theme nowadays.
  • Try to come up with some games that the guest can play during the party. When you are at a baby shower there are not many things going on which is why you need to plan some activities so that people do not get bored. You can find a lot of games for the party online.
  • Buy a book where the people invited can write something for the bride to be.

As you can see planning a baby shower is not that bad and complicated you just need to be organized and listen to what the mother to be tells you she wants.

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