Plan a baby shower from start to finish – what you need to know?

When you need to organize a baby shower, you might be overwhelmed with all the details that you need to take into account. Baby showers are definitely memorable events in one’s life, so there is no wonder why you have to put so much work into them. There are just a few other celebrations that can match the importance and ambiance of a baby shower, which means that you don’t get the chance to organize a similar event very often. The whole celebration must be on point, you need to think of ways on how to make it unique and add a personal taste to it – all at once. This article is supposed to serve as a guide that helps you to organize a complete baby shower from A to Z. Here are the stages that you will need to tackle:

Selecting a date, time and location

The first things you have to do is select a date and a time for your baby shower. The location can be selected a bit later when you decide how many people are going to come and what the theme of the baby shower is. The number of people who will attend the event will influence the decision you make regarding the venue. Anyway, remember to book a venue a while before the event actually takes place. As for the date and time, make sure that it would be convenient for any person who definitely needs to be present. The weekends are usually the most selected dates for such events, even though you might have to pay more for booking the venue. The time should be appropriate for all people who are present. If you are planning to invite kids or young people to the event, you should consider their schedule when setting up the time for the baby shower.

Choosing a theme for the baby shower

All baby showers should have a theme. The theme is usually based on the gender of the child, so choose between colour palettes that are very easy to distinguish. If you host a girl-themed baby shower, you may want to choose nuances such as pink or yellow. For a boy’s baby shower, focus on shades of blue or green. One colour that is more gender neutral is red. The theme of the event can also be based on cartoon characters or game characters. It is important to set a theme so that your guests know how to dress. Asking your guests to dress in a specific colour or as characters from the cartoon or game you selected for the baby shower is definitely a requirement to complete the whole image of the celebration. Moreover, the pictures will look very aesthetically pleasing.  

Determining your budget

The budget that you set for organizing the baby shower is very important because it will determine how much money you can spend on several aspects. The baby shower cake will cost more than the rest of the items required for the party. Booking the venue will also represent considerable spending in this sense. The rest of the items that you need to buy are not that expensive. The budget should be set according to how many people come to the baby shower. If you host a celebration that is more private, the number of guests will be smaller which means that you are going to spend a lot less on everything related to this event. There are multiple factors that determine how much money you will spend, so you should probably make a list of them and cross them once you figure the numbers out. A baby shower shouldn’t cost a fortune. Keep in mind that you can always do everything by yourself (maybe with the help of your friends) and save all the money instead. Hosting the baby shower at home is a very common practice too.

Buying the things that you need

The things that you have to buy for the baby shower are mostly related to food and decorations. When preparing the food plates, consider the particular tastes of your guests. You can include a section for special food requirements on the invites to let your guests know that you can personalize the menu. As for decorations, keep an eye on sales and shops that sell craft supplies for a cheap price. Craft supplies are great when it comes to decorating a place, and they are the easiest to use.

Look for satin ribbons for sale and use them to decorate the place. It will add an elegant touch to the whole location for less money than you expected. If you don’t have the time to decorate the place, you may want to hire a company that will deal with this aspect of the baby shower. You just have to communicate the theme for the baby shower and they will come up with the most beautiful decorations that respect it. This is the more expensive solution, but you can use it in case time is the resource you lack at the moment.  


You will also need to create an extensive schedule for activities. People might start getting bored if you have nothing in the plan for the evening. A baby shower is supposed to be fun and engaging. This is why you should put together some baby shower favours and game prizes. Keeping the guests entertained is a must, regardless of the type of the event that you are organizing. You can hire a DJ or you can create CDs with your favourite tunes. Again, it is a matter of preference and finances. Your budget will dictate how many things you can pay for, while your preferences will influence how the baby shower is going to look in the end. Keep yourself creative and everything should turn out just the way you imagined. People will be just as pleased as you are and everyone is going to have a great time.

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