Optical Effect in Interior Design

When you plan to redecorate your room, you have to pay a huge amount of attention on the mirrors. Even though for many of us, people are specific to narcissists and we often feel criticized for spending too much time in front of them, they are very useful due to their optical effect in interior design.

As you already know probably, the first effect of using mirrors is that they make your room look larger. The optical effects of the objects you place in your house can improve its look totally, if you take some tricks into account. These are used mainly because of the light they bring, the position they may be put in or the colors that could influence the way your place looks like.

Take the example of a small room that needs to be large enough to make you feel comfortable, but its real dimensions give you an opposite feeling. You have to make a list of tools and start looking for them. Sketch pad, ceiling fans and mirrors are the must-have, whereas paint, carpet and furniture in a bright color could be useful as well.

And now let’s start. For the very beginning, you can obtain an optical effect using a bright color for your ceiling. Choose among white or light cream or no color. It will increase your room considerably. Also, eggshell or neutral colors are very good options. However, if you dislike bright colors, you can feel free to use some dark paint, but still keep the ceiling in white.

Optical effects in interior design can be obtain if you use white blades that make your ceiling look as if it were in a permanent movement. Buy some white or light beige carpeting and avoid dark colored because it gives you the impression of a low ceiling.

The pieces of furniture are also important. Once again, we suggest you to look for bright colors and materials that suit the general atmosphere of your room. Make a contrast between bold patterns and light walls and add a couch in a powerful color, such as red.

The last step is to look for the mirrors and bright lightning. You will feel as if your room is never going to end and if you place a mirror next to a couch the space of the room will double. Look for glass decorations and other pieces of mirrors that bring more optical effects in your house.

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