Over the years, a little Canadian boy managed to draw his path through achieving one of the most powerful businesses in the world. His name is Neil Haboush, a Sales Manager who has developed numerous data management solutions prepared for the customer service industry. Its work includes a comprehensive range of products, support options and services, all meant to help us work with sectors such as automotive, banking and life sciences industries. With a hard work and numerous sleepless nights, Neil Haboush has managed to develop some of the most exceptional retail-focused data management solutions in our decade. In case you wish to find more about the living genius, keep reading and discover with us the insights of its hard work:

Apparently not having anything to say in the sales business, Neil Haboush has managed to make him remarked while working for his latest and the most appreciated innovation. He has offered a customizable data and risk management platform, all in addition with a powerful suite of functions. Also, for a complete understanding of its work, Neil was able to make his solutions providing, for detailed reports and a vide range of processing tools, as well as a secure method of transferring information to and from a database in a real-time reporting, all coming with statistics. In addition, in partnership with the Level One Data Services team, Neil Haboush designed the features mentioned above to meet the outcome expected of any customer-focused business. By this way, they have enhanced the efficiency of their operations through timely and relevant data, as well as expected.

In addition, the current living genius Neil Haboush has supervised a successful women’s sportswear manufacturer for a long time as long as more than 10 years. With a flawless success and his business going on as expected, Neil left the business in 1998 to pursue his current venture – and there’s no wonder why, taking into account his real dreams. Having said that, even if we seem to appreciate him for his hard work or not, a fact will remain stainless over the years – Neil Haboush will remain in history as the one that has come with a number of solutions in different fields, making the world a better place to live in. These being said, there is only a question that has not been answered yet – does he give you a hand when in need? Think twice before answering.

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