Must-have features of a great mobile app


Why is it so important to build a mobile app? How does a mobile app benefit a company? Will a simple mobile app increase the business revenue and sale? Small business owners are asking several questions when it comes to mobile apps. For the above questions, the answer is yes. Both customers and businesspersons have multiple benefits, if they choose to use mobile apps. Mobile apps have the role to make customers happy, and this will increase the business success in time.

In present days, it is common people to use their smart phone. They prefer to use mobile apps, and they became an essential part of the E-business industry. A simple mobile app is the perfect tool to grow your business. For you mobile is the last frontier, and you have two options, either you develop a mobile-friendly version of your web page, or you use a free mobile app builder, and create a new mobile app. But as you may already know, not all the apps are made equal, only scroll through the apps you find in the App Store and you will find tons of useless software that are a waste of money for companies. If you want to make sure that you will create an effective mobile app, here are some features you should consider including.

Feedback system

It is critical to offer your customers the possibility to provide feedback. You have different options to do this; you can create a button, or a link to offer them the possibility to write you an email. It does not matter what you choose, it is important to offer clients the possibility to offer you criticism and suggestions and to report you bugs. Your users will appreciate that you are open to find their opinions and that they have an important role in the future design of your app.

Usability should come first

If you want to create a compelling mobile app for your business, then you should make sure that it features an interface that has its focus on usability. And there is no better way to do this, that to inspire from widely used apps as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The user experience will be the one that will bring you bonus points and it will make your app beautiful, so you should consider it a top feature you should pay attention to.

Customize the app according to your specific needs

You can be sure that it is a clear thing to customize the app, so you should check every aspect, the font, size, colors and privacy settings, in case you want to create a social app. And if you want the app to have success, then you should offer the user the possibility to tailor the app according to their own preference. If you design this from the beginning, the user will find easy to adjust it. You should keep in mind that you should design the app to meet your business’s preferences.

Create a simple to use app

When you create a mobile app, you will find temping to include millions of frivolous features because you want to make it look cool. But all these features will not make it good-looking, the users will find it complicated to use. You should figure out what are the main features the users need and build only these ones. Nothing else is needed. Customers would rather use an app that offers them the possibility to get what they want in 15 seconds rather than a complex one that features things they are not interested in.

Keep in mind that you design the app for a phone

When you design the mobile app, you have to keep this in mind, your users will access it from a phone. This means that the user should have the possibility to have a phone connection with your company through this mobile app. So it is important the app to come with top-notch customer service.

Social media buttons

You should make sure that the user experience is one of your top priorities when you design the mobile app. You should talk with the developer to use a single Sign In technology, as the Facebook Connect one, when they build it. In this way, your customers will have the possibility to use their social media logins to sign into your mobile app. Also, you should offer them the possibility to remain signed in. You should not forget to design the app in such a way to offer the users the option to retrieve their password and user name, or the social platform they used to set up the app.

The mobile app should be relevant

When you design a mobile app, different from your website, you should make sure that the content it provides is different from what you post on your official web page. You should not design an app that is a big web browser, you should offer your customers relevant information, they cannot gain on the website. Also, you should keep in view that the mobile app should offer a richer user experience than your website.

Eliminate as many clicks as possible

If you want to create an app that requires your users to sign up, register or fill out different forms, then you should make sure that you eliminate as many clicks as possible from its design. Also, you should ask only the relevant information, because the chances to convert a user into a customer increase if they do not have to put too much effort in using the app. Novice designers make the mistake to include multiple taps and clicks into the design of the app, but this will only make the users to not try it again.

Analytics are important

One important aspects you should not ignore is to incorporate analytics into the app. In this way, you will be able to identify and track your users’ actions. Also, you should understand that many users do not want to provide their location, and tracking their location is something different from analyzing the experience with your app. You should gather data in order to update your mobile app according to the market’s requirements.

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