Most famous opera houses every art lover should visit

Art is something that has been beautifying our lives for centuries. It reflects humankind and its feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and values in fascinating ways. As an opera lover, you definitely know what goosebumps are and that opera is about hearing, feeling and seeing. Such a complex form of art that takes you to a different dimension while you are focusing on the people on the stage that have incredible skills. There are some places that have an incredible history that was not so kind to them, that have destroyed most of their buildings, but which have recovered after such disastrous events and went back to the elegance and refinement that defined them before. Most of them have fascinating people behind, such as Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, that make great efforts to maintain the fame and grace of them. Read below to see the most famous opera houses that you should visit in a lifetime.

The Bolshoi Opera – Moscow, Russia

On a beautiful square in Moscow, it is the historic theatre which was built between 1821 and 1824 and has survived fire, war, and revolution. The theatre holds ballet and opera performances inside its spectacular rooms. The magnificent building is an outstanding reflection of the Russian architecture. The symphony orchestra is one of the world’s most famous and it gives occasional concerts. The theatre has been closed for intensive renovations and restorations in 2005 but has been opened for the public again in 2011.  The Bolshoi Opera is also very famous for the Ballet Academy, one of the most famous ballet schools in the world and includes some of the most marvelous dancers in the history of the world.

Opera Royal – Versailles, France

Inaugurated in 1770 in the time of the reign of Louis XV, the Royal Opera of Versailles is the incredible work of the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Even if it was emptied of furniture, mirrors, lighting, and décor, it has survived the French Revolution. The king’s chamber, the sparkling Hall of Mirrors and the 357 mirrors make the Opera of Versailles an impressive and breathtaking feat of refinement. Reopened in 2009 after two years while it was closed for renovations, carries out incredible regular series of balletic, operatic, and concert performances. 

Wiener Staatsoper – Vienna, Austria

The opera house of Vienna is one of the leading opera houses in the world. It was built in 1869 and was inaugurated with the performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. It was mostly destroyed during the bombarding of the Allies in World War II in 1945, but the grand staircase and some other public buildings survived and it was reconstructed step by step in time. The facades of the Renascence-style arches and the veranda on the Ring Road side is an astonishing view for all art lovers. The orchestra pit holds approximately 110 musicians that make the visitors cry out of joy with their fascinating talent

The Royal Opera House -London, England

It is also known as “Convent Garden” because of its location and was opened in the 18th century. Primally, served as a playhouse and was named Theatre Royal, but now it is formed from The Opera Royal, The Royal Ballet and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera. George Handel’s operas were the first ever to be performed here, and he mostly wrote especially for this place. The Board of Honorary Directors of Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation is composed of many illustrious characters, with many achievements in public life such as Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor.

Teattro alla Scala – Milan, Italy

In the city of art, culture, and cosmopolitanism it is the simply called “La Scala”, the Opera house of Milan was inaugurated on 3rd of August 1778. It has hosted performances on its stages, of most of the Italian singers and many others from all around the world.  It is very well-known for the season that always opens on 7th of December and all performances must end by midnight. The virtuous violinist Paganini made his debut on the stages of La Scala in November 1883. As well, its fame came from the fact that in 1874 Verdi announced that La Scala will host the premiere of what was to become Otello.

Whether you are really interested or not in art, opera, amazing skills, and the way that it gets you to a different dimension, you should absolutely visit the five most famous, culturally significant, and gorgeous Opera Houses listed above. You need to book the tickets and go to see for yourself that each of them has amazing architecture styles that will astonish you and enormously talented orchestras and singers that are a delight to listen and watch while performing on the stage and listen to the fascinating stories that are being told on the stage through great music and great acting.