When it comes to modern interior design ideas, first you have to clarify what you mean by saying modern, as it can be easily mistaken with contemporary.

Generally, it is accepted that the starting point of modern interior design is the German Bauhaus School of Design from the early 1900`s whose philosophy was that the form should be combined with function in interior design.

Modern interior designers offer you some tips about interior decorating that can be very useful if you intend to go for this style.

  • Modern Interior Design Ideas for Furnishings

Modern interior decorating means incorporating in your living area furnishings that feature clean, sleek lines that renter delicate simplicity and comfort, but in the same time include elements of chrome, metal or glass for a slimmer silhouette. This comes in opposition to the bulky furniture and wood elements of traditional interior design.

  • Modern Interior Design Ideas for the Walls and Color Scheme

In order to fully capture the idea of modern interior, incorporate a color scheme that provides a certain “coolness”. When using tone on tone or white for painting the walls, the effect is increased by adding toned down colors. Modern interior designers advice to get inspired from the sleek, metal line of the furniture so that you can successfully create a soothing backdrop. This way, you will achieve simplicity and that special aura of modern interior decorating.

  • Modern Interior Design Ideas for the Fabrics

Texture is an important part in modern style, because it offsets the rather sleek line of the modern furnishings. Add cohesiveness to the room by choosing fabrics in neutral colors. Basically, the texture is what makes the room resonate with warmth. You can pull in softness and add comfort by opting for fabric drapes for the window treatments. On the other hand, choose blinds that are complimentary to the overall simplistic theme of the modern design.

  • Modern Interior Design Ideas for the Accessories

Following the concept “less is more”, many modern interior design themes propose a minimalistic approach, with clear lines. Unless it is the focal point of the room, go for understated accessories that blend and do not attract the attention. Modern accessories are generally made of metal and glass, but they also include framed art and other wall hangings.

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