Update your bedroom by using some modern bedroom decor ideas. Find out the newest trends in eco-design and match it with a modern aesthetic to create a space that fully reflects your personality. Feel free to check out also other decor styles that you can integrate in modern bedroom decorating ideas.

  • Green Design

Going green is one of the trendiest ideas in modern design. Include green elements in your bedroom decorating ideas and the result will be really great. For example, you can use a solar tube in the closet for a skylight, soybean-based insulation, reprocessed paint and carpet tiles crafted from bio products.

You can take green to a more cosmetic level and invest in an organic mattress and bedding, or even bamboo mats on the floor. Read the best mattress reviews and choose a quality mattress, so that you can enjoy a restful sleep at night. For Eco enthusiasts, we recommend a mattress made of natural latex. It is the best option for your body and the environment.

  • Scandinavian Modern

Scandinavian style is another one to consider when looking for bedroom decorating ideas. This style means clean lines and modular, while the typical color palette features white, black, gray and silver, but these colors can be warmed up with bright shades of red, yellow, green and blue.

The furniture has dual purpose, such as loft beds with built in decks and bookcases underneath. Scandinavian modern furniture includes glass panels, built-in lighting and hidden storage. Walls are usually white, adorned with bold stencils or artwork placed in gallery-style frames. The advantage of this style is that it is easy to clean and move things around to match different needs.

  • Arty Modern

When looking for bedroom ideas, arty modern style is the best option if you have a high budget, as the artistic approach is favored by many designers. In this case, bedroom decorating ideas can consider a mid-century modern style, with Herman Miller office furniture or Eames chairs. Another possibility is bohemian modern, which brings some clutter and color to the traditional interior. Bohemian modern features low tables filled with art books, gallery announcement cards which stands for wall decoration, and throw pillows that can be used as seating or on the bed.

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