Nowadays, it is said that reputation is the one that makes the difference between one and another. Some of us may say that it is a subjective attitude, but due to the society we live in, there’s no wonder why things have changed so drastically. Either way we like it or we find it harmful, the reality is hard to be fought, so maybe keeping ourselves and the ones we love apart from any interference with something that can ruin our and theirs future is ought to be done. And with the current technology, we can easily do that, thanks to a living genius who managed to think and come with a revolutionary idea that had the ability of changing the life course. In case you wish to find more about him, about Michael Fertik, stick with us and keep reading:

Have you ever felt embarrassed by others? Taking into account a positive answer, you should know and you probably do that all of us have actually experienced such an event at least once in our life. Having said that, trying to avoid the story from telling is ought to be taken, but unfortunately some of the details can’t be completely erased, especially if it goes over the internet. You may say that it is not your fault, and it is not, but the internet is not at all a forgiven, so the best way to deal with it is to find an antidote. And that’s exactly what Michael Fertik did! In case you have heard about his creation,, it means that you probably know its work – it erases every single detail about you, as well as any compromising information that can do harm to your future.

Still, the genius on his name, Michael Fertik, has been a boy just like anyone of us. What’s different about him is the high path he managed to draw and walk on, since he’s nowadays the world’s leading provider on online privacy and reputation management services. He is as well a member of the World Economic Form Agenda Council on Internet Security and a recipient of the WEF Technology Pioneer 2011 Award, being worldwide known for his creation. He graduated the Harvard College and Law School, turning himself into a flawless entrepreneur and coworker. There’s no wonder why he manage to get to such a high level, since his reputation remained flawless over the years!

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