A media server is computer appliance or application software with the purpose of storing or sharing media like videos, music or others. However, the media server can take several shapes and purposes, like that of an enterprise class machine that is meant to provide video on demand. A simpler form can be used for personal computers or Network Attached Storage and be used at home to safely store precious materials and information, as well as videos or movies, music and audio files, pictures and so on.

Yet media server is rather a generalized term which can be used to refer to various devices or software, like a Network-attached storage, a MediaPortal, Home Theater PC, Myth TV or some web server that stores and hosts media for large websites. The simplest media server, one for, say, home use, contains a hard drive – just like any computer – on which the owner can store any kind of information they want, from books to photos, to music or important documents. Many people choose to purchase a media server because it allows for a separate storage space for their movies and music, thus leaving their personal computer’s processor free to rapidly accomplishing other types of tasks. A media server can also be useful in fixing social media disasters, such as losing your account, and thus any piece of data stored on it, like personal photos, videos, and other type of content. The uses of a media server are numerous, and social media disasters are not the only reason you could use them.

A great new media server product is offered by Wowza, and it is called the Wowza Media Server 3.5. It is promoted as being highly performing software for unifying the streaming of any media or software information. It is also fitted with on-demand live streaming to mobile devices, computers and so on. This particular media sever is a multi-threaded software that functions at speeds of up to 10 Gigabytes. A very useful and helpful feature of this media server is that it allows you to use it in collaboration with any type of Operating System you may prefer: all variants of Windows and Linux, Unix, Solaris or Mac OSX.

The Wowza Media Server also offers its users three programming interfaces with extensive management, thus allowing for a personalized and preference-based organization of any media and information stored. A media server can be very useful to private, individual peoples as well as large companies, conglomerates, firms and corporations, or even smaller businesses who wish to streamline information safely and as fast as possible. It can be a great addition to libraries or universities who wish to offer their clients or students easy access to all the media and information they possess.

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