Making your website look more appealing – the hows and the whys


Nowadays, considering we are living in the digital era, and online presence pays such an important role, almost any business, regardless of market or industry, has a website to presents its services or products. Unfraternally, many entrepreneurs don’t realize how essential it is for their online platform to benefit from an appealing design, and many websites come from a standard WordPress template, or are poorly put together. If you have been looking to make some changes in terms of your online visibility, starting with your site is key. Why should you focus more on the visual design of your site and how can you achieve an improvement in this department? The following information will clear things up for you:

The Whys

First, you will need to fully acknowledge the factors that make visual design something that needs your concern. Although there are plenty of particular reasons why the topic is relevant, these are the ones that stand out the most:

First impression matters!

Let’s say a potential client/customer stumbles upon your website when seeking the type of service or product you are offering. Visitors usually decide in just a split second whether to continue browsing a site or to exit it, so you need for their visceral reaction to be a positive one, in order for them to actually access your content. Using an unappealing font, or having an outdated template, will only determine them to seek another alternative. First impression matters when it comes to websites, and because there are so many options users have the possibility to choose from, they will not give your site a chance if it’s poorly designed. It’s important to draw the interest of users from the first click, and with the right visual design tools, you can achieve that goal and create a great first impression.


Perhaps your business has been on the market for years and you are offering high quality services or products and your usual customers/clients are satisfied with. However, those who have just accessed your platform, and have no idea about your business whatsoever, will form an idea about your professionalism and reliability by analyzing your site. If the design is one that has been created in a neglectful manner, if there are typos in your content, if the information presented is crowded and written with a small font, it’s only natural for visitors to be skeptical regarding your business. You can view your website as business card, and customize it in a manner that it conveys just how professional and attentive to detail you are. Having great joomla templates incorporated, focusing on creating qualitative content, providing interesting and concise messages are all things that will contribute to how potential clients view your business.


Website design should also focus on usability. If a visitor finds it difficult o access the information they are interested in, and it takes them a lot of time to actually come across the sections or categories they desire, they will less likely put in extra effort, and will probably simply search for another platform. The user friendliness of your site goes hand in hand with its design, so this is certainly something that demands your attention.

The Hows

Now that you understand why a website design needs to be carefully chosen, the next step is actually obtaining an improvement. Making your webpage more attractive to users is not at all challenging or complicated, you just need to use a few effective tricks such as the following:

Choose an adequate template

The first and most important thing to start with, when you desire to achieve a web design improvement is selecting a more suitable template. Sticking with a classic, WordPress option for example, will only make your site uninterested and unaesthetic. Nowadays, there is such a wide selection of templates available, that it would be easy for you to find one the conveys exactly the message you desire. From joombla templates designed especially for businesses with a creative profile to templates for restaurants or business directories, you have virtually endless options, you just need to search properly and you will find exactly the type of motif that would make the most reliable choice for your type of online platform.

Reconsider your choice of font

You will be surprised to discover how much a simple change of font can actually do in terms of website aesthetics. Depending on the font you choose to incorporate, you can give the platform have exactly the feel you desire. Whether it’s one that clearly states you are a professional enterprise and are down to business, or you go for something more fun or even goofy, it’s up to you, and your preferences, but the choice you make should express exactly the message you are trying to communicate. Think about the style, the culture and the principles of your company, and go for an option that suits those things. A distinctive, modern font will  be setting the tone for the entire homepage. You should also consider if your choice is easy on the eye, because this is something that matters to users.

Use bigger images

Visuals are of great importance when it comes to websites, so using any trick to your advantage is recommended. With bigger images of higher quality, it will be easier for you to make your platform stand out and to improve user engagement. A big, appealing picture, posted on your homepage will draw the visitor in and will also increase your credibility. This is a simple solution in making a website more professional and attention-drawing, one that all big companies are using.  

Regardless of the profile of your business or the thematic of your online activities, having a professional looking website can play an essential role. As you are able to see from the details mentioned above, an appealing web design can make a significant difference, and achieving the desired results in this department only requires you to follow a few simple steps. By taking into account these guidelines, you will notice a positive improvement in terms of website traffic, and your online presence will become stronger than ever.