Making your outdoor area summer ready – pool installation


With the warm season quickly approaching, you might be worrying that the increased heat will not allow you to spend as much time outdoors as you would normally prefer. Perhaps it is time to finally upgrade your yard and make it summer ready. But how can you do that exactly? Well, one great option you can resort to, which will bring you the yard makeover desired, is installing a swimming pool. To understand the topic thoroughly, before making any decisions, here are the why’s and the how’s of a pool purchase and installation:

Why is a pool installation a great idea?

Before actually looking into the subject further, you should first understand the benefits of becoming a swimming pool owner. There are several reasons why people choose to install a pool in the first place, varying from one individual to another, but the following aspects remain relevant for all cases:

  • Outdoor functionality

It’s up to you to make your home as convenient and comfortable as desired, and that includes your outdoor area. When benefiting from sufficient outdoor space why not maximize its functionality and add an entertainment area? Besides using your yard for the occasional barbeque party, for example, you can create an entertainment spot just by installing a swimming pool. Having your own private cool-off area, where you can beat the summer heat will come in handy. You can make the most out of your free time during summer by enjoying a swim without even leaving your property. With a home addition of this kind, you will be increasing the functionality of your yard significantly.

  • Style

Once you check a few photos of outdoors spaces with pools, you will notice how much an upgrade of this kind can improve the appearance of your yard. Because you have so many beautiful styles to choose from, you will be able to add an aesthetic boost to your yard without much effort. While you will be making the are much more functional, the appeal increases you will benefit from will also not disappoint you, as long as you focus on choosing an adequate style.

  • Add property value

Another strong advantage would be that having a swimming pool in your back yard will make your property more appealing to potential buyers if you will plan to sell your house in the future. Among the wide range of projects that could add value to a property, a pool installation is among the top choices. The returns you will be getting on a pool will be higher than expected, not to mention the increase in the number of interested buyers. A home addition of this kind is something that instantly draws attention of someone interested in purchasing a home, a great alternative to many other more expensive remodeling tasks, so you can use it to your advantage when you least expect it – you never know when you might want to upgrade to a bigger home or you might face the need of relocating.

How to choose the best pool option

Now that you know why you should consider installing a pool, the next step is actually choosing an option from the many alternatives you will come across. If your budget is rather limited, the recommended choice would be an above ground pool, the inground version requiring a higher financial investment, and a more complicated installation process. What should you bare in mind when you are contemplating on pool options?

Size – this is something that you need to think about first. The size you go for should be one that meets your particular needs. How many people will be using the pool? Are there any local pool ordinances you should be aware of? How big is your yard? These are questions you have to answer to before making a final decision, just to be certain you are choosing wisely and won’t deal with inconveniences later on.

Depth – the depth of the pool varies depending on purpose. If small children will be using it, shorter wall sizes are recommended. However, if you want to use this yard addition for recreational swimming, taller walls are the better choice. It all comes down to your own lifestyle specifics.  

Frame style – in this department, you basically have three major categories, resin, steel and hybrid styles. The last version will give you the best of both steel and resin pools, this being the reason why most homeowners go with this alternative. However, you should research the pros and cons of each option, in order to select something that suits your preferences and lifestyle best. Also, make sure the frame style choice you go for is adequate for your current outdoor design, and does not create any unpleasant visual contrast.

Maintenance and installation

The installation process, although not as complicated as you might believe, will require the work of a team of specialists. It’s best to purchase your above-ground pool from a shop that provides installation support as well, just to avoid the hassle of researching for experienced contractors who are skilled in this department. Also, regular pool maintenance needs your attention as well. Make sure you acquire the necessary supplies and equipment required to keep the pool in a top-notch condition for a long period of time. Keeping the water clean, sanitized and filtered, the walls and body of the pool cared for, are essential aspects to have in mind. See if your swimming pool supplier can provide you with all accessories needed for thorough maintenance tasks.

Even if the purchase and installation of a pool might bring you certain expenses, as soon as you understand how much it can improve the unitality of your outdoor area, as well as increase your home value, you will conclude for yourself that this is an investment worth making. Make sure to choose a pool design that suits your lifestyle best, and to handle the installation process as well as future maintenance requirement properly and you will benefit from an outdoor setting that is ready for the upcoming summer heat.

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