It is said that brown eyes are the most mysterious ones, as they have the darkest color. But with the proper makeup, any of the eye colors can actually be highlighted and so, receiving the title of being a source of hiding the deepest secrets. Furthermore the make up can also be correlated with various hair color ideas. So if you are planning on dyeing your hair you should change your make up style according to it. Still, there are four brown eyes colors, depending on the filters they go through: dark, medium, light brown and lighter than light brown. Those four categories come with four different ways of makeup tips for brown eyes, so here are they for help you get going:

Starting with the dark brown eyes, they may sometimes appear black. The girl owning these eyes may be really glad, because the only problem of the makeup selected may be that it may look too dark or harsh. The best way to avoid it is to pick a color that can both match your skin tone and hair color, still avoiding the very dark colors. Choose a makeup that has more than 50% a soft color and at the corners a dark color, such as dark blue or black which can best contrast your eyes and highlight them. Also, don’t forget to clean your face of any eye shadows impurities after finishing your makeup. This will give to you a flawless appearance and a long-lasting self-esteem.

The next category represents the medium brown eyes. Those are surely the easiest eyes to work with – you can play with them in any ways possible! Try wearing green, mauve, pink and even red or scarlet, but don’t forget to blend them at the corners with a touch of a dark color – it will highlight your eyes and will give you a sexy look, as well as any dramatic looks you may want to try on your eyes. Be proud of what you received at your birth and use it at any time possible.

Moving on to the next category of makeup tips for brown eyes, here we meet the light brown ones. This category comes with more rules to fulfill, such as wearing brown eyeliner instead of a black one, and some pale colors that won’t make your appearance nasty.

The last but not least category of makeup tips for brown eyes looks into the light ones, almost hazel. Those eyes look great with colors with just a touch of darkness than your normal skin tone. Start playing with them and see what you get!

Last but not least don’t forget to adapt these make up ideas according to various hair color ideas and skin tones. As a blonde you will want to intensify the colors a little so that you don’t obtain a pale effect. On the other hand brunets and brown hairs should choose more natural accents and redheads should avoid red tones. We hope that you will find these tips useful and that you will have fun experimenting with our make-up ideas.

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