It is said that one of the most beautiful eye colors is blue. But how much of this quote can nowadays be applied? We tell you – almost none without them being highlighted. Living in an era in which makeup is the most influential factor in beauty, women needed, need and will need to adapt. In this case, some makeup tips for blue eyes shouldn’t do any harm. Either way it may be one of your hobbies or not, makeup can easily become one of them – just try using a lipstick or eyeliner, and you’ll see how it works on you!

The first make up tip that we want to give you goes for all eye colors, not just the blue shades. This is something that few of us know how to do, but it is essential that we all learned how to care for our eyelashes. Our advice would be to check out some eyelash serum reviews. You will find that eyelash serum prices vary greatly, from $10 to $200. Picking the most expensive product is seldom a good idea. Only real eyelash serum reviews can tell you which product is truly efficient. Once you’ve got down the basics of eye care, you can move on to the make up tips.

It has been said for years that the blue and the green eye color are some of the most demanding ones, but it seems that nowadays the makeup tips for blue eyes are no longer a secret. Anyone who wishes to improve their looks can easily find a way to, without using any chirurgical procedures. Even though they have been said to give you an older look and throughout the years, meeting wrinkles earlier than expected, if followed step by step, the result shouldn’t do any harm to you. The first thing you need to know before doing anything to your skin is to clean it and keep it moisturize as much as possible.

The best colors that match your blue eyes are white shadow, grey shades, khaki colored shadow, and chocolate brown, camel shadow. Still, none of those colors won’t look flawless without a touch of eyeliner – consider the lighter ones as best matching your eyes. Also, don’t forget to apply and blend to your crease a darker shadow, but not to dark – it may give to you a harsh or dark appearance, which shouldn’t appear in any of the makeup tips for blue eyes. Next, in order to finish your look, apply mascara in any color you wish to, but try to stay away from black – the colored ones best match your eyes, and that’s why you should go with them; whereas the rest of the eye colors can’t.

Also, if you want to get a makeup that can get your blue eyes popping, use in addition white eyeliner. It will give you a flawless appearance and will make your eyes even bigger, without making them way too big for your face. Also, you can use the pencil everyday at every makeup, regardless of event or outfit.

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