Nowadays, the makeup industry has reach up some of the highest points from the beauty industry. In this case, as almost 80% from women use makeup as a everyday routine, there is a set of conditions and rules which are ought to be followed, in order to keep your skin as young as expected. Besides the makeup products which may hide a number of bacteria, the makeup tools can also appear as a good way of storing them. So here come the makeup brushes, which, in order to work properly and flawless in contact with your skin, they need to fulfill two important conditions:

One and the first of them cover the hairs zone. It is known that the best makeup brushes which can be used without any doubt for an unforgettable makeup are the ones made of animal hairs, such as deer or even natural hairs. By this way, your face is ought to have a full coverage of foundation, if the makeup brush used is the foundation one. The next condition which all the makeup brushes have to meet is the life period – as we all know, almost all the brushes make of synthetic materials don’t last more than two or three weeks, so if you want to be sure that the investment just made will have a long-lasting period, then look for a set of natural brushes whose price will worth it!

Next, let’s talk about the makeup brushes. In case you are a beginner, the next classification will help you understand the basics or this art. Starting with the foundation brush mentioned above, it is usually used for applying the foundation all over your face, without letting any finger strains or any other bacteria your hands may have on. After applying it, the next may be the blush, only in case you use it – the best way of playing with it is by using an angle brush, specially designed for this job. The blending brush you may find in any set of makeup brushes is used as its name reveals to us, for blending two or three colors. You can use it either for blending a dark blue with a soft black, so that the transition from one to another won’t be noticed. The rest of the makeup brushes we let to you, to find them all by yourself. Still, one rule that is ought to be followed (the most important and the last one) covers the makeup brushes hygiene – don’t forget to wash them as many times as needed!

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