Levitating bluetooth speakers have now become possible

You cannot hear the music to the same quality from behind the speaker. This is commonly known. But what if this can be changed? With all the technological advances, not a single domain has remained untouched, not even the speakers. People have managed to create levitating bluetooth speakers that offer an amazing quality sound. If you are interested in these speakers, all you have to do is access websites such as levitating-speaker.com. Below there is more information about these bluetooth speakers that are able to levitate.

What does it bring new?

The most important advantage that comes along with this type of speaker is the fact that the quality sound is far better than in the case of traditional bluetooth speakers. This happens because the levitating speaker brings a 360o Hi-Fi sound projection. This means that the music is heard the same way regardless of your location in the room. The “back” of the speaker is gone in this case, which offers a higher quality sound. The speaker is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so you do not have to worry that you cannot connect to your smart device. The battery of this device can last up to eight hours, offering you a unique experience.

More about the design

The image of levitating things that you have always seen in movies can now be part of your home décor. Your guests will definitely be amazed the moment they see such devices in your house. This levitating speaker has the aspect of a UFO spaceship, making it seem like something from out-of –space. It will bring a unique touch to your living room, kitchen, or any other room you decide to place it. The speaker is made from aircraft grade aluminium, which offers an amazing aspect. Moreover, this material makes the speaker resistant to water, which means that you can use it at pool parties for instance, without having to worry that it will stop functioning well if it falls into the water. It is worth mentioning that the speaker also has two USB power outlets that you can use for charging your phone or for other purpose.

Easy to use

For those who are not so much into high-tech and smart devices, it is true that this levitating bluetooth speaker might seem impossible to use, but the moment they learn how to control it, they would understand how easy to use this device is. The speaker can be used for listening to music, because it has that 360o Hi-Fi sound effect that manages to emit the sound in every corner of the room. It is important to say that this device can also double as a speakerphone. People can use them as speakerphones in the office or in conference rooms the moment they have to discuss to more people on the phone at a time.

Overall, these are only a few things you need to know about these levitating bluetooth speakers before deciding to purchase one for your own. It is important to find a reliable and trust-worthy supplier to make sure the speaker you purchase is high quality.



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