Leostream Connect iPad App

A new iPad app was launched on the market by Leostream, named Leostream Connect iPad App, a desktop access app. Developed for offering security to users in accessing their applications and Microsoft Windows desktops, this app can be downloaded for free on the app store.

What makes this new Leostream Connect iPad App to be different from other apps for desktop access is that, with it, you will not need a desktop hardware or a virtual desktop structure. Using this great app you can access your desktop from your iPad and also from other tablets like iPhone, iPod or MacBook Pro (through wireless access).

Furthermore, Leostream Connect iPad App offers you the possibility to access your Windows desktop from your iPad device whenever you are travelling and choose not to take your laptop with you. With this iPad app you will have your personal computer in the cloud, but make sure you have your iPad tablet with you.

In addition, if you want, you have the possibility to create more desktops or if your job requires and you need to create desktops for customers you can count of this Leostream Connect iPad App. .What is different at this app compared with other apps which also offer you access to see your Windows desktop from your iPad display is the fact that, with it, you will no longer need to turn on the computer you want to access and leave it on all day.

After connecting to your Windows desktop, you will be able to see also some of your installed applications like web sites that use Adobe Flash, so this will ease your work. Thus you will be able to read blogs, listen to music, check your social network profile and anything else you would normally do on your PC. You will see how your desktop will work faster than you think, than when it was used a remote access to your computer. Of course, this depends also on your network speed. Besides, having the product license, you can install any software you want.

You will set up your desktop easily and the monthly fee of $20 comes with no long-time agreement or up-front price. Leostream Connect iPad App offers you the opportunity to experience the product for free in a 7 day trial period. Also, Leostream offers you a secure and very friendly login process with a single-use, encrypted token for a single sign-on to your Microsoft Windows desktops.

Finally, as I mentioned above, this Leostream Connect iPad App is available on the iTunes app store for free. So, give it a try!

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