Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to meet new people, make friends, keep in touch with family, conduct business, and find all the information you need. Say what you will, the internet is an amazing communications tool, one that almost single-handedly led to globalization. This refers to the rapid and comprehensive exchange of information, ideas, culture and products from around the world. Now any two people from opposite corners of the world can have a conversation based on information they are both familiar with.

Social networks like Facebook or MySpace allow a person to create a profile where they can show others what they like, what their interests are and stay connected not only with friends, but meet new people with the same interests as well. With programs like Twitter you can share important events in your life immediately as they happen, or find out yourself what your friends are doing. It has been argued that spending too much time on the internet and on social networks can actually have a bad influence on your social life. Some say that we only truly connect and relate in a face-to-face conversation. This could be true, but only when virtual relationships completely replace real-life human interaction, and there are indeed those who abuse these programs. Otherwise, for those who need to keep in touch with family or friends who live abroad, or in another city, communicating on the internet can even be a cheaper method than telephone.

Moreover, you can now utilize your favorite mobile apps on your PC as well, and basically on any other device you like. Those organizing apps that you find so useful can now be shared with your home or office computer, so you always have access to the data that gets you through the day; you can even share the same chat environment, so your contacts are always available and you’re always available to them. A good example is that you can free download BBM for PC, thus being able to communicate with your friends or associates at all times.

However, for people who feel they might be spending too much time on social networks and chat rooms, there now is a program that allows you to be on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace at the same time. offers a comprehensive program that lets you include all these and more on the same page, so if a friend or costumer wants to contact you on either of your profiles, you are immediately announced and can make yourself available for conversation. Programs such as the one proposed by intend to help you organize your time and resources, saving you a lot of trouble and confusion.

It may be that some people’s social lives are affected because they spend too much time on the internet, but it also may be that the internet has invented a new kind of inter-personal relationship. Either way, when you’re living in the fast lane, you need all the help you can get to keep in touch with those that need you.

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