Japanese garden ideas

If you have some Japanese garden ideas then you should know that aside from the things you know there are some basic principles that you have to follow when decorating a garden in an Oriental, Asian or Japanese style. This style is perfect for small back yards, it is said that the Japanese can create entire worlds in small areas. If you want to get an idea on how your garden should look study western garden designs because just like them Asian gardens want to do a replica of nature.


Here are some Japanese garden ideas:

  • Let your imagination loose. The elements that should be included in your Japanese garden are stones, flowers and structural pieces. The colors that you have to use in a Japanese garden are: black, brown and greens. Rocks are very important in the Japanese culture. To add a tone of mystery choose dark colored stones.
  • Japanese gardens are never symmetrical, they are always asymmetrical which is why yours must be too. They are very particular about numbers, they only use elements in odd numbers: flowers, trees, stones etc. Also it is best that you use plants or different shapes and sizes, Japanese say that by doing so you stimulate your brain.
  • Keep it simple. What defines the Japanese gardens in simplicity because this way you can pay attention to details. Every element has to be placed strategically so that it can enhance the overall beauty of the garden. You should create an element of surprise in each are of your garden this way you will never get bored and you are always reminded how simple nature is.
  • Sentinel stone are very important in a Japanese garden and they should not be missing from yours. You will find them in every Japanese garden and they symbolize: guardians, heroes and warriors. The role of the stones is to enhance the overall image of the garden.

These are some very important Japanese garden ideas that you should take into consideration if you are planning on using this theme to decorate your garden. Keep in mind that everything has to be simple and strategically positioned. Japanese people are always looking for ways to make their life better and happier which is what you should do too through this garden design. You can find all the plants and garden accessories that you need at the home improvement store.

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