Ideas for selecting your wedding decor colors

With all the large palette of colors out there, finding the perfect wedding colors can look like mission impossible, but not if you check out the following ideas for selecting your wedding décor colors. You have to realize that the theme and the color palette will inspire the entire wedding, from type of cocktails and food to flower arrangements and venue décor. Once you decide on the colors make sure that you make a printable wedding checklist for decorations and that you start planning in advance in order to have all the details under control.

  • Think Color

First of all, think about one favorite color. You may like deep green, champagne beige, purple or a particular shade of yellow. In case you don`t know which you favorite color is, it`s time to find it. Use the color wheel for inspiration, as this is a great way to decide upon a color palette. Once you have chosen a color, the color wheel indicates you which colors compliment it and which are opposite to it.

  • Play with Colors

If you want a neutral color palette (monochromatic), choose a color then add more white or more black it until you get the perfect shades. For example, if you opt for blue, your color palette can have any shade from dark blue to light blue. You can create a magnificent décor by using a color palette that includes monochromatic colors.

  • Be Inspired by the Professionals

Interior decorating and fashion magazines are some interesting resources of inspiration regarding wedding décor colors. You can use the ideas that catch your attention, especially the color palettes, and integrate them as wedding décor colors. Catalogues or paint companies also offer great suggestions for mixing and matching colors.

  • Find Inspiration in the Fabrics

Believe it or not, fabrics are a surprising source of inspiration when it comes to wedding décor colors. The perfect inspiration can be given by the fabric of a dress or a visit to your local fabric store. Let yourself inspired by different patterns, motifs and colors! You can even draw inspiration from women’s fashion, choosing colors that are popular that season, or combining them so you achieve something totally new and enticing. Of course you can use bridal magazines and stores to get ideas for your wedding colors, but you can try a different approach as well, and find more sources of inspiration, women’s fashion being one of the fields with most fantasy and variety.

  • Go Online

You can define the perfect wedding décor colors by searching different online decorating websites, as they generally offer you examples of harmonious color combinations.

  • You want a dominant color?

It is important to decide whether you want to combine different colors or go for a dominant color. If you choose more than one color, make sure you also opt for the best complimentary and contrasting colors. On the other hand, if you prefer to use a dominant color, choose that specific color and the best complimentary colors for it. Generally, complimentary colors are neutral and monochromatic.

To highlight the dominant color, use a higher percentage of less expressive colors. For example, if you like green, you can create a monochromatic wedding décor by using different shades of green complimented by a shade of pearl neutral base.

  • More Inspiration

For your wedding décor colors, you can find inspiration in the color palette of the season the wedding will take place or in the wedding theme. Choosing the colors of your wedding is only the first step of the decorating process. Once you make this decision you can start planning and organizing all the small details. In order to be able to keep everything under control without going crazy make sure that you download a printable wedding checklist. There are plenty of websites that offer solutions and checklists for wedding plans. We hope that you have found these tips inspiring and that they will help you plan the perfect wedding.

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