Once the wedding party starts to fade away, let another party begin! There is always a group of guests who want to party a little longer, so here you have some great ideas for a wedding afterparty!

  • Concept

Generally, the wedding afterparty should be planned taking in account the wedding`s formality. For example, you can take the resilient guests at a local bar and continue the party there. In this case, make sure you call the bar at least one week before in order to reserve a private spot for your afterparty. Do not forget some bottle of champagne to celebrate the right way! You can also have the wedding afterparty at the reception site, but in a different place, cozier and more intimate, where you can listen to music and drink cocktails. Check your guest list and try to determine who would attend or not the wedding afterparty so that you can plan your budget.

  • Guests

All wedding guests should be invited to the afterparty, even if you know they won`t attend. Along with the closest friends and family, be prepared to include a few extra people to the wedding afterparty, in case they decide to attend at the last minute. You don`t have to mention this party on the wedding invitation. Instead, tell some friends to pass the word along, because this way you can also have an early feedback regarding the idea.

  • Place

It is recommended that the wedding after party to take place in a private site adjacent to the reception location. For instance, if the reception is organized at a hotel, rent a more private room or a tent for the afterparty. On the other hand, if the reception is held at a restaurant or estate, choose a bar nearby for the afterparty. As many guests will enjoy a few drinks and won`t be able to drive home, arrange for transportation.

  • Decoration

Continue to surprise your guests, so focus on details. Decorate the wedding afterparty location different than the reception site. You can also choose a theme for the party, such as an 80s theme with music and drink specific to that period. If it`s summer, have an pool wedding afterparty with catching music and exotic cocktails. In case you are more into the urban style, go for an all white location with diffused lighting, a cool DG, fruit martinis, a cigar bar and some original entertainment.

  • Food & Drink

Guests are probably a little hungry, so prepare some snacks and cookies. If you have the afterparty in a place especially prepared for this occasion, have an open bar or a selection of tasty cocktails. In the same time, if you choose a local bar, it will be a nice gesture for the newlyweds to pay for the drinks.

  • What to wear?

Tell your guests that they can wear something more informal, in case you intend to have a casual afterparty. If they want, the newlyweds can also change into something less informal. Still, don`t lose the chance to shone one more time! A wedding reception is an event where a bride is the center of attention. However given the stress of the planning process and the exhaustion of the whole day, few brides actually have fun on their wedding day. However, things are a little different when it comes to the after party. Now is your chance to have fun and leave all the stress behind. Unlike the wedding which is a formal event, the after party is more like a high school prom where everybody just wants to party. So feel free to leave the gown and the veil behind and rock a short dress and a prom hairstyle. You can even choose retro prom night as the theme for the wedding after party. This way people will have even more fun as they will feel like they are back in high school. After all, what can be more fun than dancing in a ballroom while rocking a curly prom hairstyle. The only difference will be that this time you will be sure that you will be with your dance partner for the rest of your life.

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