Ideas and styles for an elegant wedding

  • Autumn Fantasy

Cozy and rich, autumn colors can make a wonderful elegant wedding theme. Use your creativity and make original decorations with leaved, tree branches and autumn fruits. Remember that the simplicity is the key to create beautiful décor elements. Use colors such as browns, yellows or reds. The best fabrics for an elegant wedding held during autumn are silky, luxurious fabrics such as organza, overlaid with brownish colors and pearl as the basis for table ornaments. Create centerpieces with yellow roses, orange and light red roses, but you can also compliment them with season fruits such as grapes, apples, berries and even leaves, tree branches or moss. For a touch of coziness, place different sized candles.

  • Blue Melancholy

Popular especially for summer weddings, this theme offers a great combination of freshness and calming atmosphere. Several blue and white tones are used in all the elements in an abundant manner. The main elements for an elegant wedding are glasses, white flowers and light blue satin. Make a glacial ambiance by using transparent glass plates. For the table centers, create original combinations of white and blue flowers, such as the gorgeous hydrangeas. Decorate with little white candles, and white and light blue satin ribbons. You can also make some beautiful wedding favors out of small blue jars filled with patchouli and each containing a message with a relationship quote. Each relationship quote that you choose can be representative of you and your spouse’s relationship and your views on marriage and love. Your guests will love these thoughtful and practical favors, and your wedding will be remembered for a long time.

  • Winter Magic

Express richness and opulence by opting for an elegant wedding inspired by winter textures. Decorate with gold and amber colors harmoniously lighted by the candles that surround them. An elegant option is candles embellished with golden translucent filigree leaves. For the table centers, use rich bouquets of colorful flowers such as amber, pearl, orange and yellow. Fabrics should be heavy, amber colored, or brownish, with golden rich textures. Add a rich touch by preparing for each guest a small miniature bouquet similar with the centerpiece and placing it on his/her right side, below the yellowish glass. In case you don`t want table centers with flowers, go for candle trios in geometric shapes.

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