How to use unlimited sim deal to get internet without phone line


Are you a fan of spending time on the internet? You might think that, in order to get lots and lots of data on your devices, you have to opt for a contract with a provider. Well, guess what – that’s no longer required. SIM Only plans that offer unlimited data are the ones that you are looking for at the moment. You are going to easily save money that you’d normally spend on phone line options. If your activity doesn’t involve consuming minutes and texts and – instead – internet is preferred, then you have absolutely no reason to opt for a phone line.

Even though you did not know about SIM Only before, this is the time to put your attention into it. The outcome is a life-savior for people who spend tremendous amounts of money on mobile plans. If you already own the devices you use each and every day, an unlimited data SIM Only plan is the one thing that could transform your life and help your budget. Here’s how do take advantage of it:

How much internet do you actually need?

This is the burning question of all device users. The amount of internet you consume for one month can be tricky to determine, but everyone knows that spending time on mobile data is now a necessity rather than an option. So, what the best decision would be? Unlimited data, of course. The problem is that most traditional contract mobile providers have huge prices for unlimited internet options, so you might not afford that. The good news is that you can always opt for a SIM Only plan. These can be tailored to closely respect your requirements. You have the possibility to opt for Internet-only plans, minute-only plans and so on. But since you want to get rid of the phone line and take advantage of data, unlimited deals are the ones for you.

No matter if you are using your old phone or you want to invest later in a new one, a SIM Only plan is convenient. Why? It’s quite simple – spending less money than you would through a traditional contract, you’ll save more and eventually afford the device you desire. This way, you get the flexibility of a SIM Only and the benefits of a traditional contract. What’s even more surprising about this type of mobile service is that you get plenty of benefits at a low price. With traditional contracts, the monthly costs include the phone you wanted to buy from the very beginning while offering you fewer options. SIM Only deals are much more diverse, meaning that you can choose exactly what you need and pay an affordable price for these services.

No phone line – no trouble

Many people pay tremendous amounts of money on services they don’t consume in reality. For instance, think about how much time you spend talking on your phone and how much time you spend browsing the internet. You’ll start noticing that you pay extra cash for services that have no benefit on your life. If you are an internet person, losing the phone line is the best decision ever. The general opinion is that you cannot own a SIM without having a phone line. Well, SIM Only plans that offer unlimited data only can prove people wrong. If you only need internet it would be absurd to pay for other services as well. Spend money on what you know you’ll use. Also, take a look at this sim only app on Amazon. This is a great way to remain under the budget while still getting the quality you seek for.

The advantages of SIM Only deals

First of all, SIM Only plans are flexible, both in terms of paying methods and services used. You can either pay monthly for a period of time you set from the very beginning, or you can pay as you go (PAYG). The major benefit of PAYG is that you can select a different plan each time you desire; you are not bonded in any way to a contract. Even in the case of shorter contract SIM Only plans, you still get much more flexibility than you would with a traditional contract. The periods extend from 1-month (rolling contract) to 12 months. It can’t get more convenient than that.

The next big advantage of SIM Only deals refer to the services included in these plans, no extra charge included. Opting for an unlimited SIM plan represents the beginning of an opportunity. You will no longer have to pay for roaming services, as they are included in the plan. Tethering is also included for people who want to share their internet with other devices. These are services that you would normally pay for in the case of a traditional contract. It may vary from one mobile service provider to another, but one thing is for sure: SIM Only is much more appropriate from this point of view. You get truly unlimited data plans with no speed caps (which constitute the one inconvenience that makes people think twice before opting for a mobile service plan).

Another option that’s very important nowadays is represented by Wi-Fi Calling. This option gives you the possibility to call or even text using a Wi-Fi connection. This is useful for people who tend to spend most of their times at home or at work, where the Wi-Fi connection is always active. The same goes for 4G Super-Voice, another service that’s paid in the case of traditional contracts. In case you struggle with low-quality voice calls, then this might solve your issue. 4G Super-Voice allows you to call over the 4G connection, resulting in a much clearer call.

Services like these should be included in your plan, not require additional payments that you cannot afford. The goal is to find a deal that’s suitable for your own situation, and as long as you desire an unlimited one, get informed before selecting it.      

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