How to Shop for a Good Microwave Oven

When you shop for a microwave, there are some aspects you must take into account if you want to make sure you have made the right choice and that the unit will satisfy all your needs. Follow these few steps and discover what to look for when you are looking for the best microwave 2015 ovens.

Consider the type

Depending on the size of your family, the space you have available in your kitchen, or when you want to place it, there are many models of microwaves to choose from. The countertop microwaves go on the working area and vary from small to medium-size, the built-in models can be incorporated in the cabinetry and are usually medium to large with impressive additional features, while the over-the-range ones are the largest and can be placed above the stove.

Consider the price

When you start looking for a microwave, you must set your budget depending on what you need and how much you are willing to spend on a microwave oven. The most expensive models are the drawer microwaves that include the most features and have a sophisticated design that complements elegant and stylish kitchens. Smaller and simpler units cost less and can deliver the same efficiency, although sometimes the low price can betray a poor quality.

Consider the size

This is an aspect of both interior and exterior that concerns both the size of your family and the size of your kitchen and you can choose from microwaves with interiors varying from 0.9 cu. ft to 2 cu. ft.. The larger the interior, the bigger the portions of food and the bigger the space required in your kitchen, so you have to pay attention to this criteria. Small microwaves have small interior can can fit small plates and trays for small families and can be easily placed in a corner of the countertop, while larger units can be built-in or over-the-range models that require wider spaces and can cook for more people.

Consider the power

Microwaves are rated by power or wattage, namely how intense is the wave they produce. The best microwave 2015 ovens have high wattage which result in more power and a higher efficiency. The lowest wattage is 600 watts and is used in small and low-quality units that take more time to cook and so not guarantee even cooking or defrosting. A higher wattage of 1200 watts ensures a lower cooking time and results in better-cooked dishes.

Consider the convenience features

A microwave usually heats the food, defrosts ingredients and cooks simple dishes, but many models include additional features that increase their functionality and efficiency, as well as their price. Most microwaves allow you to adjust the defrosting time depending on the weight of the food which is called a Weight Defrost feature, or they automatically adjust the time required to cook a dish by measuring the humidity of the foods with the help of a Sensor Cooking technology. You can also opt for popcorn or pizza options, you can add extra 30 seconds to the initial time, you can gently soften butter or you can set multiple cooking stages with the Multi-Cook technology.

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