How to set a diamond in a watch bezel

Have you ever wondered to set a diamond in a watch bezel? If yes, you should know that it provides both style and value. Being a prong-free setting, a bezel encloses the diamond in a metal rim. It is a major investment, though, and its manufacturing is usually made by professional jewelers hired by many people who decide to sale a diamond in a watch bezel. Noting its advantages, we can easily decide that its settings involve protecting the stones from scratching, chipping or snagging.

If you decided to do this process on your won it means you will save an important amount of money and also. Here are the things you will need: a diamond, excavating tool, gold or platinum, pneumatic hammer and the watch. First thing you will need to do is to observe the materials you just purchased. Select the perfect type, shape and size and measure the watch. Next, measure your diamond’s diameter to obtain the real dimensions. Using a specialized jeweler’s excavating tool, shape the bezel so that it fits the exact dimensions of your stone. Using the pneumatic hammer, secure the diamond.

This process should be everything you need in order to set a diamond in a watch bezel. Though, there are many aspects of this process. Firstly, look after the diamond’s shape and color. They need to fit accurately the watch bezel, so that it will not look funny but elegant. Due to its durability, diamonds gets higher and higher every year, so you need to be careful with this masterpiece. If you did not understand all the steps, the best thing you need to do is to gently take it to a jeweler. It will know what to do and you will be secured that your beauty is safe and that the result will cost much more than the sum spent on this impediment.

Though, why would you sell a diamond? You should think twice at this important aspect and reconsider your choice. There are many other ways to make a living or to point out your diamond, not only by selling it in a watch bezel. If you do still remain at your previous decision, then you should know that selling it in such ways you will get a higher price, but not as much as you could get if you have waited some more years to sell your diamond.

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