How to repair a Wristwatch Band

Doesn’t it just make everyone feel embarrassing when his or her wristwatch gets damages? We are in the known of everyone’s problems, mostly on those involving watches. No one would feel comfortable if they notice their wristwatch band damaged or decolorized. But do not panic if you are one of those mentioned upper! Today we know more than yesterday, so we are able now to show you how to repair a wristwatch band.

It is known that wristwatches bands come in different colors and shapes, so that we can replace the existed one with another everyday. Though, a damaged wristwatch can be replaced easily than the one which is not so damaged, not only because of its malleability but also because of its appearance. Studies have shown that, when people see a literally smashed wristwatch band, they get more and more distant from the watch’s sentimental affectivity, as it can not be worn anymore.

Making a list of things you will need in order to repair or replace a wristwatch band depending on its appearance, we may start with a hammer and end with a pin pusher. For repairing stretch bands, first thing you will need to do is to remove the watch band and place it in front of you. Then, using your eyes, try to locate the damaged area, including its links. Moving on to the next step, you will now realize that if your watch band is broken in two pieces at a single band, it is way easier to be repaired. Remove that area of damaged links and stretch band watches, which are designed to every link to be easily removed or adjusted. Also, reconnect those undamaged by pressing down the side bars. Replace that area with new links which come usually with the watch. Though, if you don’t have any left, you may go to a shop for purchasing them.

For repairing a pin link band, you should follow almost the same process. First of all, remove the band and place it in front of you. Then, try to locate the link you are going to replace. Moving on to the next step, you will be required to place the second item from the list, the pin pusher against the pin and strike it with a hammer. This step must be done until all the damaged pins are removed from the band. After all of them are done, you have to insert the new links so that the watch will be ready to be worn!

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