How to plan a vintage wedding

Every detail of a wedding should be carefully planned if you want to have a perfect wedding. The challenge is even higher if you choose to have a vintage wedding. Regardless if you will have a wedding based on the retro style from the 20s, 40s, 60s or other era, you should give it a little bit of modern touch. Below you will find out more about how to plan a vintage wedding and give it that certain sense of style.

If you want a vintage wedding, you have to think vintage for all the details, from decoration and wedding invitations to transportation, favors, photography, but also bride`s dress and groom`s suit. This is a great idea especially if you don’t have the body of a fitness model, because most vintage dresses cover problematic areas. In case you just want to add some vintage ideas in your wedding, choose the most representative ones.

  • Choose an era

Vintage is about antique and from another era, but each era has its own characteristics. The 20s are all about the great Hollywood parties, elegant banquets, guests arriving in magnificent Rolls-Royces, ladies wearing flirty low-rise dresses and gentlemen in good looking tuxedos. On the other hand the 60`s style reminds of Audrey Hepburn`s flawless style, while the 70s bring a very extravagant disco style. Once you have chosen the era, make sure you don`t go too far or be out of context.

  • Vintage style photography

Vintage style photography is a must for a vintage wedding. You should know that photography varies according to eras, so ensure the wedding photos correspond to the style of the era chosen as the wedding theme. While the 50s include happy family portraits in vivid colors and advertising style, the 70s come with pastel colors and a certain blur. A inspiring idea is to recreate some scenarios that capture the era the best.

  • Vintage details

Along with the vintage style, you can add some romantic, extravagant or ecological touches. In case you choose music characteristic of the era, for example Frank Sinatra for the 50s, you should also include some party music. Add an antique touch to the wedding invitations by including a photo of the bride and groom wearing clothes according to the specific era. You can also impose a vintage dressing code for the guests to wear at your vintage wedding.

  • Vintage style venue

The wedding venue should also reflect the chosen era. If your wedding theme is the 50s, go for a country house with luxurious green garden, a chic picnic style and a tuxedo-clad band. When the wedding is inspired from the 20s, choose a mansion from the 20s, serve a sumptuous dinner, decorate in shades of gold and silver, and make sure there are a lot of pearls and champagne.

  • Vintage wedding dress for the bride, vintage suit for the groom

Both bride and groom should wear vintage style. In case the wedding is based on the 50s style, the bride should wear a 1950s style dress featuring full skirts and knee-length, completed with a birdcage veil and a small bridal bouquet. If you can’t find such dress in a store or a second hand boutique, you can show your local tailor a picture of female fitness models from that period presenting wedding dresses and ask for an identical design. On the other hand, the groom should wear a suit in the New York business man style.

Now that you know more about how to plan a vintage wedding, be creative and start planning it! Good luck!

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