How to Make Baby Shower Decorations

It is not hard to learn how to make baby shower decorations because they do not have to look like they were made by professionals. Because nowadays people want to save money they have started to make a lot of things on their own like organize parties and make the food for events. You can do the same thing with the baby shower decorations. For the decorations we will present to you here you are going to need accessories to make creative ABC blocks, a centerpiece and clothe line. Create these decorations in the comfort of your home and present them to the future mom after you are done.


You will see that she will love them. Here is to make baby shower decorations for your best friend who is expecting:

How to make a cloth line:

  • Take a cloth line and stretch it across the room where the baby shower is going to take place
  • Gather baby clothes, shoes, pacifiers
  • Hang the elements that you have collected across the clothe line

How to make the ABC blocks:

  • Go to the store and buy some baby blocks that have the alphabet
  • Spell the name of the future mom with the help of the blocks. If you do not know the name of the mother you can simply spell something like ´welcome baby´
  • You can decorate the blocks with flowers or with colored thread

How to make baby shower wreath:

  • The first thing you have to do is buy some wreath from the store
  • Make sure that you match the color of the wreath with the theme of the party. You can choose between straw, ivy and pine.
  • Make a sign that says ´welcome´ or welcome home baby´ and hang it somewhere where people can see it.
  • Tie some items of the baby like clothes and shoes and hang them with some thread.

If you did not know how to make baby shower decorations now you know and we hope that they will be useful to you. Decorating a baby shower is supposed to be a fun experience which is why it is best if you do them on your own instead of buying them from the store. Make sure that you ask the future mom for advice and that she likes you ideas because you do not want to end up with decorations that the future mom does not like.

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