How to help your local charity in 2018


Have you ever thought about what’s the role of volunteering in your life? You might be a good-hearted person, but without fructifying that, you won’t be able to grow as a person. Volunteering hides much more benefits than one thinks. Firstly, it is one way you can adopt in order to overcome problems in your own life. Many studies previously showed that the more you are engaging in volunteering activities, the higher the chances of overcoming the devastating effects of unfortunate situations in your life.

Volunteering will help you concentrate on something entirely positive instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your life. It is well-known that a lot of people managed to get past the effects of chronic illnesses or other difficult situations by simply making volunteering a habit/a hobby. Volunteering not only improves mood and makes you feel better as a person, but it’s also capable of making you feel healthier and eventually be healthier. How? The answer is simple: you will change your mentality and your body will follow. Now that 2018 just begun, add helping your local charity next to your New Year’s resolutions and do something to change the actual situation. Here are some methods through with you can help a local charity in the following year:

Non-profit volunteers – all the information you need

  • The fundamentals

Talking about engaging non-profit volunteers, you should opt for a non-profit organization that can help you achieve your goals. Start by understanding the meaning of volunteering and the role it has in helping local charities: a volunteer is a person who decides to involve in activities that can help other people with various matters, without being forced to do so or being paid to do it.

In order to include yourself in this complex world, you should challenge yourself to engage. Being a non-profit volunteer means dealing with challenging tasks and experiences. These are opportunities to take on leadership roles and develop new skills that can help you reach your goals eventually. Volunteering is all about becoming a new you, about building yourself and helping others at the very same time. You should make sure that the non-profit organization you are opting for is offering you appealing activities to start with. You can try spending your time with one or two main organizations, not sticking to only one. 

Also, in order to truly help a local charity, you have to inspire your cause. The cause is the fuel of the entire volunteering operation. The reason why you are doing everything you do is relying on one cause that has to impassion other people as well. This is the moment when you intervene and try to attract other people into non-profit volunteering as well. Involving means telling stories that are organic, true, authentic. Motivating people and making them feel engaged in your stories will finally bring them to the same conclusion as yours. Helping is the focal point that sits beneath your actions, so consider that when you are trying to make other people see what you are seeing.

  • Why doing it?

Besides actually feeling better about yourself and engaging in a like-kind community, volunteering and charity will also help you in your career. How? You will learn how to manage stronger colleague relationships and you will also gain people and teamwork skills. The more involved you are in helping people and communicating with them, the easier you will find it to assist in teamwork projects. Time management is included in the list of things you are going to gain. Learning how to manage time will help you manage your career, not to mention the fact that completing your resume with info related to your volunteering activity will surely impress employers. A complex resume that tells a lot about you as a person is a winning one, so keep that in mind when you are building the path to your future.

Support charity without donating money

Volunteers are the ones that usually give twice as often to charity compared to the non-volunteers, and that’s because they understand the situations better and they invest their time in something that has a strong case. Emphasizing the importance of your contribution is a necessity and will make both you and people that you manage to get motivated to come back. Appreciation and recognition are part of the process and simple gestures will get you farther than you actually think. As mentioned before, is a process through which you’ll build yourself as a person and you’ll also help others to do that as well. But remember that you can support a charity without actually donating money. Here’s how:

  • Give blood if your health allows you to
  • Clean out your closet and donate clothes that you no longer want or wear
  • Adopt a pet instead buying one
  • Volunteer your time instead donating your money
  • Get a haircut and donate your hair to organizations that collect human hair for wigs to assist cancer patients
  • Hone your craft and donate your handmade products etc.

Another factor worth mentioning would be that you can actually be part of a community that was built on the same kind of values. Establishing a connection between you and like-minded people is part of your growing process and it is about reciprocal help. Charity and volunteering are two things that depend on communication and community as a whole. You have to learn how to treat others, how to maintain relationships and how to express yourself and your opinions wisely. In the same time, you’ll also have to make it fun. You don’t want volunteering and charity to become routines that you perform just because you have to. Volunteering and charity are two things that should come entirely from your motivation and reasoning. Encouraging and enjoying yourself while you do it is an absolute must. Keep in mind that volunteering is a personal choice, not a job or something mandatory in your life. You either want or do not want to do it. People who volunteer do it because they are positive and enthusiastic about it, they like living in a stimulating atmosphere and they are permanently engaged in it.


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