How to grow strawberries

Strawberries are the fruits that are a must in your garden. If you are a beginner in growing strawberries here are some instructions that will teach you how to grow strawberries:

  • First thin in learning how to grow strawberries is to buy the plants form a nursery or order them from an online catalogue to plant them in early spring or if you’re living in a warm climate in the fall. Be careful to buy some disease-free plants.
  • The next step in learning how to grow strawberries is to find the perfect spot for your plants: with excellent drainage, full of sun and that warms up your plants in the early spring. The perfect spot for strawberries is a south-facing one.
  • Another important step in how to grow strawberries is to have the planting bed to a depth for at least 12 inches with all the weeds and grass removed around. The soil has to be enriched with a plenty of compost because strawberries need it.
  • After this step the next you should know in how to grow strawberries is that you will have to dig a hole for every plant from 5 to 7 inches wide and deep for their roots to get stronger.
  • There are different methods for planting strawberries and the best of how to grow strawberries method is the “matted row”. It will be easier for you too. Plant your strawberries at least 18 inches apart and in rows at 3 to 4 feet apart.
  • After that the next step in learning how to grow strawberries is to keep the spaces between rows open. You will have to return the berry patch after each harvest and then remove the outermost plants from each row.
  • Then, remove the mother plants from each row to let the newest plants to grow and give you strawberries in the next season. Start over this process every spring.
  • Another method that you can learn in how to grow strawberries is the “hill” method especially if you have a smaller space. This method presumes to plant the strawberries at 12 inches apart on all sides in rows or clusters.
  • The next thing that you have to do in learning how to grow strawberries is to make sure that every plant gets at least an inch of water per week and mulch to conserve moisture and kill all the weeds around.
  • It’s good to avoid any fruit development in the first year because this will weaken the plant and in the next year it won’t produce any strawberries.
  • The last step in how to grow strawberries is to pick up all the fruits in the day they ripen and eat them or just preserve them for consuming it later.

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