Roses need care throughout the entire growing season if you want in your garden beautiful and healthy roses. Most of the general flower gardening tips apply to roses as well, but like all plants roses also have their peculiarities. To grow roses you need an acceptable soil, sun, water and fertilizer. Read the information below to learn how to grow roses in your garden.

  • Although they say that roses are among the few flowers that can be planted throughout the year (except winter), the ideal time to plant it is in spring, after danger of frost has passed. Also, fall is a good season for planting roses. The last months of autumn, when roses are dormant, are the best to plant these beautiful flowers if you want to have a garden or a space decorated with roses. These are the first things that you should know before practicing how to grow roses.
  • Potted roses, can be planted anytime, but avoid, however, to plant them during warm and dry summer months. A healthy rose will bloom in spring and will have flowers until the first frost.
  • Your garden can have any shape you want, as long as roses are planted at the right distance from each other. The only rule that should be respected is that taller roses to be placed only in the middle, or only to the edge.
  • You may have read some flower gardening tips which encouraged planting flowers near trees. However, most people that know how to grow roses don’t plant them near big trees, because roses are intolerant to root competition. A slight air circulation is good for them, so not plant them with other plants. Areas with air currents or strong winds should be avoided; roses need shelter in these conditions. During the growing season, roses should be watered daily to ensure hydration.
  • Roses need sun, at least six hours a day, if possible. Morning sun is better than the afternoon one, so roses should be sited in areas that receive sun especially in the morning. Roses will adapt quickly in areas with moderately fertile soil, even sandy, and they like organic fertilizer. A well-drained soil is essential for the rose garden. If the soil is always moist, you should consider a drainage system or level the soil where you grow roses. Fertilize the soil only in spring and in any case in fall. These are some things that you should know about how to grow roses.
  • Another item to note is to cut the dead flowers. A faded flower has a fruit developed which does not permit further rosebuds to grow. If a faded flower is left uncut, four beautiful flowers will not develop.

In conclusion, follow these tips to know how to grow roses yourselves and have a beautiful and scented garden with roses.

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