I know that potatoes are not so expensive and you can buy them anytime you need but if you learn how to grow potatoes you will be sure that you’re not eating chemicals.

Here are some instructions in how to grow potatoes on your own land:

  • The first information that will help you learn how to grow potatoes is to know that potatoes don’t have seeds. Their seeds are fully grown potatoes that are ready to product when they start producing roots in the potato eyes. This may happen at your potatoes too if you keep them too long in your kitchen.
  • The second step in learning how to grow potatoes is to plant a potato or cut it in two but every part should have at least 2 or 3 eyes.
  • If you’re living in a cold climate you should plant your potatoes in the mid or late spring. If you’re living in a warm climate the best thing on learning how to grow potatoes is that you should plant them in late summer or late winter.  This thing is very important when it comes for how to grow potatoes because the plants don’t have to grow on the hottest months.
  • If you want to have potatoes for a longer period, choose two types of potatoes: an earlier type and a main season variety.
  • There are many different methods when it comes on how to plant and how to grow potatoes. The Scatter method may be the easiest: you can leave the potatoes on the field and cover them with some mulch and continue putting some mulch on it when the plants start to grow. There is one problem with this method: it will be hard for you if you’re having rodent problems.
  • Another tip that will help you learn how to grow potatoes is that they don’t need a rich soil to grow. If you’re giving them organic matter and the pH of the soil is good then the plants will grow very healthy.
  • Another element important in learning how to grow potatoes is to offer them plenty of water. They need a very steady water supply. To be sure that your potatoes receive a enough amount of water give them at least an inch a week of water and I ca assure you that you will have the healthiest potatoes on earth.

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