If you want to find out how to grow garlic then you should read this article. You will have to follow some simple steps to learn how to grow garlic at home.

Here is all the instruction you need to start learning how to grow garlic on your own in your home:

  • Firstly you will have to buy some garlic bulbs. It is recommended to buy them in late fall or early winter. Before six weeks the soil freezes plant the cloves in the ground. If you are staying in mild climates then you will have to plant them in January or February. If you are going to do that you will be able to harvest in late summer or early fall.
  • The next step in learning how to grow garlic is finding the perfect place for planting the seeds – a sunny spot. If the garlic that you have bought is though then it will be able to grow in any soil type that has any pH from 5.0 to 8.0. The best pH range is 6.2 to 7.8. If you won’t remove all trace of weeds the garlic will lose the battle with them.
  • You will have to plant from the bulb only the largest cloves. Any cloves that are pitted or tinged blue-green-both will have to be thrown away, but if you already know how to grow garlic you also probably know this already.
  • Another great tip in finding out how to grow garlic is to retain moisture and deter weed with compost and mulch. After the ground freezes you will have to mulch again. You are doing that for protecting the plants.
  • The next advice in how to grow garlic is that in spring you will have to remove the mulch so that the soil can be warmed by the sun.  When new growth begins add a fresh layer of mulch.
  • Then, you will have to set the unpeeled cloves at 2 inches depth and 5 inches between. But if you’re using a different type of garlic, for example, an “elephant” garlic, you will have to increase the distance between your plants at 10 inches and the depth at 3 inches.
  • The perfect amount of water that you will have to provide when you start learning how to grow garlic is an inch per week for every plant.
  • You can cut the garlic leaves to use them anytime you want but don’t overdo that because you can reduce its’ bulb.
  • You can start picking your garlic when the bulbs are ¾ out of the ground and the tops are yellow.

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