Carrots are very good for your health and if you want to know how to grow carrots in your own garden this is the perfect article for you to read.

Carrots love a cool season and their best perform is in the period with temperatures between 60 and 75 F degrees.

Here are some instructions for you to learn how to grow carrots on your own:

  • The first tip in how to grow carrots is to choose a sunny place. The soil must have a pH of 5.8 to 6.8 to get the best from your carrots.
  • The second step in learning how to grow carrots is to dig in the soil a gap of 12 inches and get rid of all type of rocks and grass all around the area when you’re planting. Learning how to grow carrots it’s not a difficult process. If you will create the proper conditions you will have the best carrots.
  • To have bigger and healthier carrots you should add a lot of organic matter to fertilize the soil and to increase the moisture of it. In a moist soil carrots will become sweeter and less fibrous.
  • Another great tip in how to grow carrots is to sow them before the last frost if you’re living in a cooler area and in the fall, winter or spring if you’re living in a warmer area.
  • If you want to speed germination (usually it take 10 days or more) soak the seeds in water 6 hours before planting.
  • An early sowing to catch up the sun light is one of the tips for learning how to grow carrots, especially healthier ones. If you start planting your seeds later when the soil is already warm, then you should plant them at a ½ inch deep and at ¼ inch between.
  • The next step in learning how to grow carrots is to thin seedlings before the tops become entwined. You can do this action in two ways: clipping off the greens with scissors or just pull out the roots by being very careful not to disturb the remaining plants. The distance that you have to leave between the plants depends on the type of the carrots that you want to grow. Usually this distance is of 3 to 4 inches.
  • To have the best results you can spray the plants with compost tea.
  • You can pick up your carrots when their color is turning into deep orange.

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