Follow this guide to learn how to grow beans in order to harvest a lot of tasty pods over the summer months. All varieties of beans can be treated in the same way.

  • The first thing you should about how to grow beans is that beans grow perfectly in a sunny and well-drained site. It prefers to grow in moist and fertile soil, in a sheltered place away from strong winds, but it can be grown successfully also in pots.
  • Prepare the soil by adding plenty of organic matter such as well-rotted manure or moldy leaves. This will help improve soil fertility and its capability to retain humidity. If you grow beans in containers, choose pots at least 45cm (18in) in diameter and make sure that there are sufficient drainage holes. Fill with a mixture of equal parts of compost, based on clay and compost without clay. Once you’ve done this, the next steps in your ‘journey’ to learn how to grow beans will be easy.
  • Before planting, install supports for climbing beans and for long beans. Each row must be 12 to 14 inches apart, and between supports should be a distance of 4 inches.
  • Sowing seeds indoors provides a faster and more secure germination rate, especially for beans that stretch. At the end of April sow one seed 1 inch deep, in a 3 inches pot filled with compost. Make sure it gets enough water and place it a sunny site to germinate. The seedling will be ready to be planted outdoors in about three weeks.
  • Alternatively, you can grow beans from seeds sown directly in the soil, in the second half of May and mid June. Plant two seeds 2.5cm (1 inch) deep, along with a support, and 5cm (2 inches) deep for the climbing beans and the one that stretches. Make sure they get enough water, but do not overwater.
  • Regular and sufficient water is vital. Beans that stretch should get water twice a week. Make sure beans stem is well covered in soil to help maintain moisture in the soil during drought. Once you complete all these steps, you have reached your goal of learning how to grow beans, and now you should prepare for harvest.
  • It is essential to pick beans regularly, because most types of beans will keep producing after you picked them first. Most pods are in July, and harvests of all kinds can continue until the first frost or even more if the plants are protected.

Now that you know how to grow beans, I am sure you agree with me that this plant is easy to grow. Before ending, you should know that the ideal time to grow beans is in spring after the last frost and it is better to wait until the soil temperature is high enough, of 50 – 55 degrees F.

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