Considered sacred and a sign of royalty, basil is an aromatic herbs widely used in Italian kitchen. It comes from the tropical areas of Asia and is a relatively easy to grow herb. Planted among tomatoes seedlings, basil will improve their flavor. Follow the steps below to learn how to grow basil.

Step 1 – This aromatic herb prefers sunny sites and a soil with a slightly acidic pH. You can grow basil in the garden and in containers. If you choose to plant it in the garden it is advisable to start with seedlings that you replant later. Now that you know the first step in how to grow basil, the next steps will not be difficult.

Step 2 – Basil is very adaptable to indoors conditions, so in this way you can have fresh basil all year. You should know that basil is very sensitive to cold and moisture, so it is good to grow it in a warm and dry place.

Step 3 – If you choose to grow basil inside, set the container near a window, and also near a heat source. Many of those who learn how to grow basil at home set the pots on the window sill, near a heat source, but not in a very high temperature.

Step 4 – If you do not have enough space inside to grow the plant, you can set the container in the basement with a fluorescent light source. In addition, to help the plant grow harmoniously, young leaves should be picked periodically.

Step 5 – The plant is not demanding to moisture and should be watered frequently but with a small amount of water.

Step 6 – If you want to keep the basil, you should know that you can keep it several days in the refrigerator, frozen or you can dry it. The fresh herb can be also kept in a paper towel in the vegetable box,

Step 7 – You can dry basil in a place exposed to air and wind, but not directly in the sunlight. Keep the dry basil in closed glass containers, in a dry, dark and cool site, so that it remains in good condition for a long period. Many people who learn how to grow basil, learn also how to keep it.

There are several types of basil: Sweet Basil (most common in Europe), Thai Basil and Lemon Basil, which are used mostly in Asia and taste slightly bitter. The hardest part is to decide which variety to plant, now that you know how to grow basil. All varieties grow easily in warm weather.

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