How to Find the Most Efficient Knife Sharpener

Having sharp knives is essential when cooking because it guarantees that you will cook in the best conditions using the sharpest blades. No knife will last forever, so you will need to use a knife sharpener to restore the sharp edge of your knives. To make sure you will find the most efficient knife sharpener, answer the following questions before heading to the stores and purchasing a model.

Electric or manual?

This is the main aspect you must take into account when buying a knife sharpener and the decision will be made according to your needs and preferences. The electric knife sharpener system is more comfortable than the manual one because you turn it on and simply glide the knife through the sharpening disks, but it’s also more expensive. How often you will be using the device is also important because it means you will have to invest more in a quality unit.

What are you looking for in a knife sharpener?

Some knives only require a quick polish while others need an intense resharpening, and this also depends on the type of sharpener you choose. There are sharpeners designed for resharpening very damaged knives and others for polishing knives that have lost their sharp edges. The difference is in the material of the sharpening disks that can either be a coarse material for handling severely damaged knives or a fine one that works for a soft polish.

What type of sharpening surface are you looking for?

This detail influences not only the comfort in use but also the performance of the knife sharpener system. Diamond sharpening disks are the best and fastest model, followed by tungsten carbide and ceramic. How abrasive the disks are is measured in grit and the higher the grit, the finer the abrasive, so a 120-grit is very coarse compared to an extremely fine 1000-grit.

How large should the sharpener be?

When you decide on the type of knife sharpener you need, think about how much space you have available in your kitchen because you will have o store it somewhere. Manual sharpeners are small and can easily fit in a drawer but the electric model is larger and it will take counter or cabinet space. Consider your storage space when you buy your knife sharpener so it won’t become bulky.

What type of knives do you need to sharpen?

Any type of sharpener can handle straight-edged blades, but only some models work on knives with a serrated blade. If you only have one serrated knife that doesn’t require often sharpening, you might not need this feature. Also, if you don’t own any Asian knives with a narrower blade or scissors that require sharpening, you will do just fine with a standard knife sharpener.

Are you left-handed or right-handed?

Although this detail might seem less important, the knife sharpeners manufacturers have thought of it and they have designed units that work for both types of people. You will not have difficulties in finding a model that suits both left and right-handed users.

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