How to file a car accident insurance claim


If you are a driver, then there are chances that eventually you will be in an accident that brings damages to your car. As you already know, even if you are a responsible driver, you can get in an accident caused by another driver, and you may get injured. In this case, you should know exactly what steps to follow, because it is important to file a claim with your insurance provider to get reimbursement. You have the possibility to file a claim for property damage, as vehicle repairs and medical expenses. But you can also ask the insurance company to intervene on your behalf if you are liable for damages. It makes sense to file this claim, because you pay a lot of money for your car insurance.

Depending on whether you are responsible or not for the accident, and the type of damage, the insurance provider may be able to offer you coverage based on the type of car insurance coverage you have. Car accident insurance claims can be paid from the collision coverage, comprehensive coverage or other car insurance requirement sections. Read the article below to find when you can file an insurance claim.

When can I file a claim?

If you have a car collision, then you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. In addition, you should inform your insurance provider if your vehicle is stolen, vandalized or damaged by severe weather or other non-accident-related event. In case you do not know where to find the insurance company’s contact number, you should know that you would find it on the front of the insurance card. Also, you will definitely find it online, and on your policy documents.

What information you need to offer your insurer

When you want to file a claim, you have to offer the insurance company complete details. You will have to state the policy number and your full name. Also, you will have to know the start and end date of your policy and the time and date of the accident. In case there were, you will have to offer them details on the phone numbers, name and addresses of the passengers, drivers and other witnesses. And it is essential to offer them the license plate number and driver’s license of the drivers implied in the accident. The insurance company can also ask you to complete a sworn statement that includes details of the car accident. You would have to state the time of the day or night when the accident occurred, the weather conditions, and other details that may influenced the situation.

Hire a lawyer

Injured man consulting an attorney about a lawsuit.

It is advisable to hire a lawyer specialized in accident claims. They will guide you through the process. The lawyer will help you obtain the maximum value on your claim. It is important to contact a person who is specialized in this type of cases and claims.

How can a lawyer help you with a car accident claim?

If you were injured in a vehicle collision, then you may ask yourself if you should hire a lawyer to help you deal with the insurance company. Depending on the specifics of your case, the lawyer can help you in different ways.

  • They can communicate with the health care provider in order to get missing records
  • They can communicate with the other’s driver insurance provider
  • They can work with the doctors to get the medical information needed when filing a claim
  • They organize your bills and medical records
  • They will obtain the needed evidence for the liability
  • They will negotiate with the disability and health workers’ compensation insurers to reduce the amount of the liens
  • They will negotiate a suitable settlement with your insurance adjuster

If you do not feel comfortable gathering the documents and evidence by yourself and negotiating the settlement, then you should hire a lawyer.

Get coverage for bodily injury claims

In case you are not at fault for the car accident, then you will be covered by the other driver’s coverage. But this depends on the state you live, because even if you are not at fault, you may have to pay for your treatment through you own personal injury coverage. Also, you have the possibility to get help in paying for your injuries if you get a medical payments coverage. This coverage will help you pay for the injuries suffered by the passengers from your car, for funeral costs and for the injuries, you experience if a car hits you while you are biking or walking.

You have to make smart decisions if you want to get your compensation. The lawyer will help you move forward with your claim and they will assess you through the process, because there is a long way toward a smooth and fast settlement of it.

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