Sore throat can affect anyone from children to adults and it is not a very severe condition, unless it’s caused by bacterial infection, in which case it is called strep throat from the Streptococcus bacterium. The regular sore throat is caused by viral infection and it generally passes on its own, but since it can be quite painful and uncomfortable, there are certain things that you can do to alleviate the discomfort. If you want to know what helps a sore throat, you can either go see your physician or just look it up in a medical magazine or even online.


What helps a sore throat first and foremost are throat sprays, as they act really quickly and numb your throat, so that you won’t feel any more pain. More than that, they also help by killing bacteria that may be growing in your throat. Pills like ibuprofen are also very helpful, as they reduce the swelling, working as an anti-inflammatory. People usually try to refrain from coughing out of fear of pain, but what helps a sore throat is actually the act of coughing itself, because it helps exhale some of the bacteria or germs. Taking hot showers and getting lots of sleep are also highly advisable, because steam vapors can clear one’s sinuses and a well rested body has a lot more strength to fight a cold or a virus. However, if you are not sleeping, try to stand up and sit up straight, as it will help with the congestion.

As far as fluids go, what helps a sore throat are obviously hot drinks or soups, but also water. You should drink lots of water, as warm as you can take it, and avoid dairies because they will harm your throat even more. Lemon juice is a great idea, as it will remove the mucus, lemon tea or green tea with honey as well. If you mix the lemon juice with some ginger and let it run down your throat, it will alleviate the pain significantly. If you are wondering what helps a sore throat beside the above mentioned remedies, a few tea spoons of honey will do miracles, as well as spicier remedies, such as  cayenne pepper powder with water. Cold drinks or food and sweets of any kind are out of the question, even if they are cough sweets. Furthermore, what helps a sore throat is for you to try no to talk and rest your throat, don’t even chew gum.

All things considered, if you experience a sore throat, but you feel it;s not serious enough to see a doctor and just want to know what helps a sore throat, any of the above mentioned advise will help you get through the condition with as little pain and discomfort as possible. However, if the condition persists or worse, it aggravates, and you start experiencing other symptoms too, such as fever, irritating cough or rash, you should immediately seek medical attention, because that is no longer the case of a regular sore throat.

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