How to Cook Mini Cupcakes with Your Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a great appliance that provides your daily caffeine dose. But did you ever think you could even cook with the help of your coffee maker? It is actually extremely easy and fun!

Your coffee maker can turn into an oven, therefore helping you cook. You can try to cook some mini cupcakes, as the larger ones do not cook all the way through. You can use any cupcake recipe you want, you are free to pick your favorite one! We recommend you add water instead of using a mixture of oil and eggs. Cooking the mini cupcakes with water will also make them lighter, so it is a perfect modification to the usual cupcake recipe for those of you who want to lose some weight and still eat delicious foods. If you want to find a coffee maker that can cook as well, check out some coffee maker reviews; you will not only find coffee makers that can bake and cook other types of food, but you will learn many more interesting things about the world of coffee makers and brewers.

Using your coffee maker you can make 4 mini cupcakes at a time. You just need to manufacture a mini oven. You can build it using one metal bowl (three cup size is perfect) and 4 metal cupcake holders. You can create your own cupcake holders by using 1/8 coffee measuring cups that are sold individually. Cut their handles using tin snips, leaving only approximately 1 inch so you can grab them. You can also create cup holders from a soda can. Cut ¾ inch stripes from an empty soda can and use 2 paper clips to hold the sleeves together. Be careful as they will be very sharp! Now that you are all set, you can start cooking.
First, as it is usually done when you bake something, you need to pre-warm your little oven. This can be done by placing the metal bowl upside down on the top of the burner. Let it heat for about 5 minutes.

Now to bake your all 4 mini cupcakes at the same time using your coffee maker, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • Prepare 1 cupcake mix (from which you can make 12 cupcakes, meaning 3 batches)
  • 1/2 cup of water (this is merely an estimated, some batters may take less)
  • You need to make the batter a little looser than the batter used for brownies, but not too loose, because we do not want it to pour.
  • Take 4 pieces cupcake paper or cut 4 pieces of cooking paper and place one in each of your metal cups.
  • Fill the metal cups only ½ with batter, so it will have enough space to grow
  • Place the 4 metal cups onto the burner
  • Put the previously heated bowl over them
  • Bake the cupcakes for about 15 to 18 minutes.
  • Check to see how they look, if ready let them cool and then enjoy the mini delicious cupcakes!

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