How to clean a watch with a Toothbrush

Have you ever wondered how much your favorite accessory will last? We have the answer, but it depends on various aspects, such as: what accessory did you choose, how large/small it is, but basically everything consists of how much importance you give. And here, we can add its cleaning time. Do you respect it? Because, as far as we know, every accessory has a time cleaning that must be respected. But, how many of us give any importance to this fact? Almost none of us, and that’s why we are talking today about ways of cleaning a watch with a Toothbrush!

Why with a Toothbrush? Because it is slightly cheaper and you can find it everywhere! Though, this is not the only thing you will need in order to clean your watch perfectly. The next accessories which should be noted on your list are: a nonabrasive cloth, toothpick, soft-bristled toothbrush, liquid soap and water. After picking up all the things on the list, first thing you will use is the nonabrasive washcloth. Its usage would be to clean your watch from filth. In addition, you would be required to be gentle with your accessory, so in order to get rid of smudges and dirt you will have to wipe your watch easily in a circular order. The next thing on the list, the toothpick, will be used for pieces of debris’ extractions from your watchband.

Moving on to the next thing on the list, we face the real subject of this article, which is the toothbrush. Take the soft-bristled toothbrush and soak it in a mixture composed by warm water and liquid soap. Next, also with a careful touching, scrub your watch’s clock slightly not to get wet the timepiece’s gears and also, scrub your watchband. The last but not the least aspect you need to take into consideration is to dry your cleaned watch using again the nonabrasive washcloth. After its dryness, you will be able to show him again the big world.

This process can we repeated, as long as your timepiece gets filthy. But also, remember that you need to have a gentle touching so that your watch will not get any damage after the process it will be subject to. As a result, your timepiece will be more than glad to look so shiny and also, you will receive many compliments involving your things’ care.

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