How to adjust the bracelet on a fossil watch model AM 4172

As a woman, if you are looking for valentines gifts for men, you can’t go wrong with a Fossil watch. These watches are very elegant and they fit the styles of most men. We particularly like the watch model AM 4172. If you don’t like this watch, there are many more Valentines ideas for men that you can consider. However, if you do like this watch, you might need to adjust it for your boyfriend’s hand. It is known that fossils watches have numerous metal links which are secured by pins. Those can be easily removed in case the metal fossil wristband is too large for one’s hand, or you can add some more, if is too small. For this process, speak to a watch dealer and tell him to order more links and pins, so that the watch will be a perfect fit.

Now, note down all the things you will need. These are: scotch tape, a small hammer with plastic head, punch, block of wood with drilled holes and pliers. First thing you will need to do is to measure the watch band. For this, place your watch on your hand wrist and close the clasp. Then, with your fingers, take up the extra links until the perfect measurement. Moving on to the next step, you will have to remove the watch and place a tape along the watch, so that it will be protected from any starches through your work. You don’t want to break your new watch! This is one of the most important mens fashion tips you need to know if you’re keen on keeping a watch collection; keep in mind that a watch collection is an investment and a responsibility, so you must assume it with all seriousness.

Taking a block of wood, place the watch and the clasp over the hole and also drive out all the pins. Using pliers, you will be able to remove the pins from the other side and repeat the process if needed. Also, be careful to remove the links on an equal amount on links so that there is the same number of links on each side of the band. Next, place the caps back and using the pins, insert them in the hole. An important aspect of your work would be inserting the pins in the same direction as the arrow. Repeat this process and also, the next one, which using the hammer, drive the pins in.

The last but not the least thing you need to do is to verify your watch’s wristband, placing it on your wrist and closing the clasp. Also, in case it is needed, remove the links if it is still necessary for reaching the prefect measurement. And, voila! Your new watch is perfect to be worn as long as its wristband fits your hand wrist!

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